Greet Each Day With Optimism and Joy


Be in sync with your heart.  Feel how it wants to push you to more joy and optimism.  See how it’s asking for more light to be shown in who you are.


Let each day be about being alive and feeling alive.  


Your mind is a powerful story teller.  How can your story or chapter be filled with hope, optimism and positive expectations?  It’s okay to start dreaming about it, and taking steps to craft that new reality.


Open the doors to the greatest situations filled with joy – like camping, connecting with friends or trekking a mountain you once thought was impossible.


Creating the world you desire takes action and clarity.


Take time to feel the magic of each day.  


As Eckhart Tolle says, “We are here to find that dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought.” 


Live with wonderment.


Allow life to flow.


Find grace.  For yourself and others so you can lead a more joyful life. 


The heart is symbolic of love.  You are here to live and breath from love.  


See what captures your attention and makes you feel that awe.  


What you do will change as you open from your heart.


It is up to you to create your life, the feelings you want to drive your every days.


How willing are you to let optimism and joy lead your day?  Open to infinite possibilities – look for expansion.  


Is your mind saying that’s unrealistic?  Notice the beliefs you are hearing that are holding you back from an easier, lighter way of being.


Is your door open or closed?  Notice the difference – one is flowing and one stops you.  Think of this as a metaphor for your life.  


Is each day open to possibilities, newness or is it only a day of habitual patterns?  Yes, routines and habits can be helpful but they also can stymy all life is trying to give you. They can dull your perspective.


Life has been dark for the past year.  We need you to step up and bring more light, and lightness to the world.  


Find the small ways each day that you can lighten your load, and the load of others around you.  Be the conduit so others feel your energy and want more of that in their life.


As Gandhi says, “Be the change you want in the world.”


Find ways this week that you can take the lid off what is possible by enjoying a life led by optimism and joy.