Grow – Living on Purpose

This morning I listened to Carolyn Myss on the Oprah Soul Sunday show. She was talking about how each of us has come into this life with a purpose, a sacred contract. Carolyn wrote a book titled Sacred Contracts. She sees life as a classroom. Life is here to help you fulfill your purpose. The choice is yours whether you pay attention or not. Every choice you make either enhances you or drains you from living closer to your purpose. Begin by being true to yourself. That doesn’t mean you are not serving others and not helping others. It means that you are valuable enough to be included. It means you have something to share. You have a purpose. Everyone has some special gift that should be shared with the world.

Notice the ways you are not in alignment with your desires and purpose. You can know the difference by noticing if you are betraying yourself. These can be in small ways or large ways. Are you doing things that don’t feel right for you? You know. You might ignore the signals, but you know. Are you willing to take some small step to get you back on your life’s purpose? Begin in small ways. Have the courage to say what you want rather than worry that someone else is going to be upset about what you have to say or do. Life is meant to be fun.

Another major point Carolyn made was, you are to appreciate all that you have and all that has happened in your life. It’s all part of the puzzle of our life. As she said, “you can take the whoa path or the wisdom path.” You can use those things you wished didn’t happen into avenues of purpose rather than play the victim role. For instance, if you were abused, then you can find a way to heal yourself, and then help others heal. Make it a cause for you. You understand the hurt and harm it does to a life. You can help counsel or teach others ways to break the cycle.

It’s not always easy, but it is possible. You were meant for big things. Are you willing to break free and live your life purpose? What would it take to make that happen? What resources or direction do you need to help you take the next step? Are they enhancing your life?