Grow – Perfect Health

When you think about Perfect Health, what does that mean for you? For me, that definition has changed as I have aged. When I was young, I certainly took my health for granted. Everyone I knew was physically healthy. I just thought that was how bodies operated. My knowledge and understanding was quite limited. I was so blessed with health and didn’t even know it, or appreciate it. I never realized there was more to it. I didn’t understand the concept of mind, body and spirit. I never thought about the connection.

Over the last few decades, I feel blessed because of all the growth I have made in understanding how our mind, body and spirit work together. How to be in perfect health is to be balanced in all of these areas. I have learned that I have control over my health. I have learned to live a balanced life. I have learned when I am out of balance, how to get myself back centered. I value and appreciate my body, mind and spirit. I try to keep it healthy.  I realize when my mind is raging or is stressed, how that impacts my body. I realize how starting my day with even a few minutes of meditation, directs the course of my day to be more peaceful and calm.  I have learned about the nutritional values of food and how that impacts my mind and body, not just the way I look. I always thought health was our physical bodies and how it was functioning. My biggest concern was my weight and how I could keep it controlled. That usually took place dieting, not thinking about eating healthy, keeping my mind full of kind and loving thoughts, and connecting to God. Wow, it’s great to see how much I have grown and learned about Perfect Health. It’s always an area I will continue to grow and learn.

What is your definition of Perfect Health? How can you grow in your understanding of it? What is important for you to know today for you to be perfect health? Do you need to pay attention to your thoughts? Do you need to grow mentally? Do you need to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating? Do you need to exercise?  o you need to find a spiritual path that feels right for you? Do you need a connection to a Higher Power? Where in your life can you take action to a healthier lifestyle?