Have You Been Too Busy To Discover Your Real Purpose?


I’m over the top excited about a possibility that could make a huge difference in your life and mine.


As Deepak Chopra shared in this recent 21-day meditation, Desire and Destiny, “Joy is your highest purpose.”


As I reflect upon that thought, I wonder how many people could live a better life if more of their thoughts and beliefs would match joy.


It’s exciting. Maybe a crusade is needed.


Knowing that your thoughts create your reality, look at what can happen if you believe Joy is your Highest Purpose.


I know, first, you must believe. I guess many people can’t connect or buy into this thought.


But, isn’t it worthwhile to be at least a little willing?


Think about things in your life not working well. If you could shift that and think about how you could focus on joy, just see how things could change.


Doesn’t that excite you?


Let’s look at this. As you go to work today, how could you focus on joy as your highest purpose? Instead of thinking of all the things you must get done at work, what if your focus was on how could you approach each task or situation with joy. Let joy be the priority rather than the task. You still will be getting the work done, just with joy added to it.


When you know the Universe conspires to help you achieve what you want, think of how fun and great that would be to add more joy to each encounter you had.


It changes the dynamics. It changes the energy and the purpose of your work.


Joy is the highest of vibrations.  


It’s worth a try.


Instead of feeling like you have no control over your life, what if you decided you were going to add joy to everything you did.   Or, even begin with one part of your life, like I mentioned your work or whatever area you know needs some refreshing air.


You have the power to change whatever is not working. Usually, you need something compelling to help you make those shifts.


Let this message be that.


Feel in your body how much better you feel, how much lighter and freer you feel as you think about the possibility of being in the joy of your day.


It has me floating, beaming.  

Think about the rewards. Less frustration, negativity and suffering. More love, ease and joy.


More in alignment with your true nature and your highest purpose.


As the Course of Miracles shares, just a shift in your perception can change your world.


You didn’t come here to suffer. You came to discover your Highest Self. You came to experience the joy and bliss of living the life you want.


The problem is you often don’t know how to tap into your Higher Self. You probably thought life was about doing and getting things done. In reality, all that is to help you discover ways to reach your highest potential. If things aren’t working, it’s the Universe showing you, you are off course to what is true for you. It’s removing layers of that which is not your authentic being.   It’s reminders like this message to say, “Wake up, there is another way.”


Your Higher Self is living from your passions, desires and contributions – pure joy.


Finding joy in all things will get you there. Just like the Joseph Campbell message above.


How do you do that in reality?Make a list of 10 things that bring you joy.


Make a list of 10 things that bring you joy.

Is it music? Is it a beautiful painting? Is your home or garden? Keep that close. As you walk into your work, could you add some of that music? Could you find out what brings joy to others? It shifts the work and the purpose. Think about how much more productive you will be when you are doing it from a  joyful place rather than a grudgingly or resentful place.

Do some feng shui. Go through a room or two of your house, look at items, do they bring you joy? Let them go. Allow someone else to enjoy them. Feel your new energy. A room full of joy.


The world is waiting for you. More than ever it needs a shift in energy. This is your time.


Discover your real purpose.

Begin filling your world with Joy.


Can’t wait to hear about how your day, life or world is changing, how you are living more on purpose through joy. Share with me on my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/dottiehagercoach or send me an email at dottie@dottiehager.com.