Honoring Your Unique Difference To Make A Difference


You have a purpose and destiny that only you can fulfill. Your heart and soul know what that direction is.


Discovering your gifts can guide you to a meaningful life. If you listen and follow your heart you will find your power and your unique purpose.


By knowing your gifts or strengths, it will help build confidence for you to step out in the world and share. Too often you don’t even realize that you have something to give and share. Maybe your gifts are motivating others, healing others or caring for others.


Only you know for sure.


When you take the time to tap into your gifts and purpose, it allows you to see the greater plan for your life.   Not just working or being busy. You see whom you are meant to connect with and what you are meant to share.


Self-love and appreciation of self are crucial in developing your gifts. You accept what you do well and know where you can use help and support.


You make yourself a priority.


No, you aren’t good at everything. But, honor your strengths and surround yourself with others to do the things that don’t come naturally for you. Just like when I was Principal or Associate Executive Director, I had the best assistants. They would take care of all the details. I am more of the big vision and idea person. I loved that about them. They shined. They, too, were working in their genius zone.  


As Dr. Robert Schuller says, “Every achiever that I ever met says, my life turned around when I began to believe in me.”


I know as an educator, I had the privilege of watching many students develop their talents over the years. I loved seeing how easy it was for some to understand math, write eloquently, or be able to sing or draw. Yet, for others, those same tasks could be challenging or not so easy.


Take time to write out what you are good at and what you love to do. Is that organize, lead or analyze things?


How are you unique? What comes easily to you?


Often people are afraid to stand out or be different. It takes courage and fortitude.

I know for many years the word “different” plugged me. I didn’t want to seem weird. Yet, in order to step up to the life, you are meant to live, you must step into your path, your connection to your God-given gifts. However different that might be.


One of the ways being unique or different stands out for me today is in my business. There are millions of websites and businesses. There are lots of coaches — business, health, life, and sports coaches. But, I must showcase my passions and abilities to serve those people I am called to help, so they find me and what I offer based on my particular focus.


It’s this unique perspective that adds value so others want you. They can then connect with you and your gifts.


In the business world, you hear it called the “comparative advantage.” For example, there are many technology products but the one that stands out for my taste and preference is Apple. And there are many chicken places. But my favorite is Chick fil a. I love their products and what they stand for.


Your gifts are NOT for everyone.


Trust that you have gifts to share. There are people who need what you have or have experienced.

Trust that you are capable of making an impact.

Trust you will be shown the way, even when you are uncertain.


By trusting, you are open and willing to make a difference in only the way you can.


Honor your uniqueness. Decide today you are going to step out and share your gifts to make the world a better place, one person at a time.