Hope Is A Helpful Tool To Keep You Lifted


“Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. As a verb, its definitions include: “expect with confidence” and “to cherish a desire with anticipation.”  Wikipedia


How is hope a part of your life today?


What you think matters.


Hope lifts you up.  It provides you with some joy, anticipation of something to look forward to.  It keeps you out of totally being in the pits – the darkness, the negative or the despair.  Yes, they are all parts of life you must face, but the danger is in staying there when you don’t have some hope or faith that things can be better.  Or, will be better.  


As “Along the Path to ENLIGHTMENT” reminds us, to make one’s life better, shift your motive.”  Are you thinking love versus greed?  Are you thinking peace versus being right?



In today’s world, it is too easy to keep your focus on all the tragedies.  Too many people are dying, too much chaos is happening, but it’s important to think about what you can control.


It’s been interesting how many people have put up Christmas lights and decorations early this year.  We are all searching for ways to pick up our spirits.


Notice what you body or life is calling you to do.  


Bring hope out.  Keep it in your toolbox, daily.  


The mass consciousness today is heavy and overwhelming.  It’s asking you to find new tools to lift you to where your dreams and desires are.  To see how all of this is asking each of us to become more loving and kind.  But the journey there is undoing what was and what is.


Take time to look at the darkness you are feeling and ponder how you can bring light to it.  


I just listened to a Tony Robbins podcast.  He shared the quality of your life is where you are emotionally.  You must pay attention to that.  Not deny what is happening for you.  


What Tony said that impacted me was the need “to create” in this time.  He outlined three steps.


1. Find the blessing in this time like more time with your family. Time to reflect on how you can help make the world more like you desire. Time to create new music.  

2. Be the blessing like being present for someone, send hope to a friend or family member, or someone you know is alone.

3. Feel being blessed by your giving to others.  Notice how good it feels smiling to someone or letting them know they matter to you.  Share your gifts.  Feel how good it is that you can lift others. 


What blessings can you find from 2020?  How can you share what you have learned to help others find greater hope in their day or their world?


I’ve mentioned before that I’m redecorating my house.  My vision is fun, spacious and edgy.  Things that lift me, feel like 10s. I was looking at light fixtures. Oh, my gosh.  There are so many different ones.  But when I was finished I came home and told Bo with a BIG smile on my face, I had the best day.  Totally opened me to a new way, new possibilities.  


Life is like that for whatever you are working on.  Whether it’s new books you are reading, new ways to live your life or remaking your look.  


Let it be fun.  Let it bring you hope.  Let it lift you and bring you promise of a better day.


What hope in your life is keeping you lifted?


Shift what you are paying attention to.  


Find ways to lift your spirit, bring hope to your life.  I listen to podcasts like Brene Brown interviewing Dolly Parton and like this one on Tony Robbins.  Talk about feeling the goodness in life.  


Make sure you are filling your world with light because there is enough darkness.  Just like the other day my 7-year old grandson was FaceTiming with his buddies.  They were precious.  They were sharing what they have been up to with their Nintendo games.  They were teaching each other new tricks.  Just to listen to their conversation filled my being.  They have adapted.  They miss being with each other but have found a way to stay connected.    


As Shawn Achor said, “Only 10 percent of our long-term happiness is based upon the external world.  Ninety percent of our long-term happiness is how the brain processes the world we find ourselves in.”  


Take time to become conscious of how you are processing what is happening in your life and around.  It matters.  It’s the life you are creating.


Remember your thoughts of today are creating your tomorrows.  


Keep hope alive, and close by as you process how you are living each day.  It will make your day brighter and easier to handle.