How Abundant Are You?

You live in an expanding Universe.

Being aware is one of the most prosperous things you can do. It opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Notice if you are living on autopilot, trying to get by, or tapping into the infinite Universe.

Are you living more from possibilities or limitations? I have so many examples of the great abundance life has given me.

I think about the jobs I’ve had and never thought possible.
I think about the houses I’d ride by and wish that SOMEDAY I could live there and have.
I think about traveling the world and couldn’t have imagined visiting every continent.
I think about the beauty and peace I have in my life now rather than thinking I had to push hard for everything.

Allow yourself to believe in abundance. In the goodness of life and all, it has to offer you if you tap into it.

As my Course of Miracles, lessons remind me – where are my grievances hiding the light of the world from me? In other words, are you looking at the lack rather than the blessings and abundance in your life?

Through Bo and my travels of the world, abundance is always a conversation we have. We notice the housing, food, and living conditions. Did you know that “around 60 percent of the world’s population — 4.5 billion people — either have no toilet at home or one that doesn’t safely manage human waste?”

Many people think abundance is only about money. But, yes, money can be one form of abundance.

Expand your thinking.

Abundance comes in lots of ways. So much is trying to happen for you.

Think about times you were enthusiastic about something that happened for you.
Noticed who smiled at you today or complimented you.

Look at the abundance of goals you’ve achieved. Then, look back at your life and see how blessed you are. What are those blessings of abundance you received? Prayers, good health, degrees, family, or work?

Are you affirming those blessings each day, all day? Or, are you like most people and focus on what’s lacking?

Change your thinking, and change your life.

What part of your life have you been most prosperous?

Maybe you worked at a nonprofit and thought you needed more abundance. But how about the abundance of service you offered and the lives you touched?
Maybe you are someone who made millions and felt lacking in relationships. But did that allow you a lot of freedom or material wealth that seemed important at the time?

As John Rogers, DSS says, “Our life reveals to us what we have to learn next — not to reveal our failures to us, but to reveal to us where we lacked preparation, where we weren’t thoroughly up on what was going on. So realize there are valuable lessons to be learned from and in the “games” of the world – and if you were not still in the process of learning and growing, you would no longer be here in a physical body.”

What’s the next step for you?

How could being focused help you with being more abundant?

Check out ways you are stopping the flow of abundance coming to you.
Notice your beliefs and the words you choose to describe your situation. You are abundantly blessed. You are resourced.
Pay attention to where you focus – more on the blessings in your life or what’s lacking? Nothing wrong with noticing, but it’s the story and beliefs about where you are that keep you there.

Ask yourself – what creates the most abundance for me today? Follow what you hear.

It’s tricky, even hard to change. That’s why programs like Lorie Ladd’s 21-day Align are good to be connected to. They help remind you day after day about what is really going on. They highlight your resistance and what might be holding you back.

If you don’t put structures in your life, you stay where you are. Good or good. But you are missing out on a whole new world of abundance. Just like Bo and I decided after our South American/Antarctica trip, we would like to learn Spanish. So we signed up for Duolingo. So far, it’s been fun. I have reminders on my phone. Having the reminders in my phone alerts us to take the time. We remind each other to ensure we’ve done our lesson for the day. Right now, it’s fun, so we are encouraged. We have each other to share it with. Find out what you need to make any shift in your life to have a more abundant life.

What you focus on, you receive more of.

Is that abundance or scarcity for you?

What do you want more of in your life that you could have by changing how you look at abundance?