How Are You Allowing Yourself To Play Big?

Life will be what you cause it to be.

Where are you sitting inside your heart, doing what your heart desires?

You are a messenger of God.

How are you singing out?

How are you sharing your gifts to open others to theirs? To freeing all?

Looking around and seeing others doing things you crave or desire is a mirror for you. You CAN be like that in your own way. Do you notice writers, actors, or speakers? Something inside of you wants to play bigger. Follow what that might be.

Doesn’t mean you have to be as big as they are at this time, but what is one step you can take to be more of who you are? Closer to being that writer or actor? We were at the Red Earth festival this weekend. We ran into one of the guys in Bo’s art class. He was talking about how he bought 2 new flutes. He’s a musician and wanted to expand his world by seeing how these different flutes could add to his repertoire.

How fun is that? There is always something more, something bigger for you.

What is before you that is calling you to be bigger? You will know—songs, people, or books that pop up for you. I mentioned a few weeks ago Bo is interested in Longevity. He has been sharing tips he has found. Books, articles, and podcasts are popping up all around for him. He’s truly open and willing to know more and be more so that he can live longer. I love that.

It’s fun to notice how life will give you what you need and ask for.

What beliefs do you have about living big? It’s important to know because those beliefs direct your life. You also want to challenge them and see if they are true for you today.

Many of your beliefs you haven’t even been aware of but can when you question why things aren’t happening for you like you want. One of my beliefs is that I had to “Work Hard” doing whatever I was doing. But I now know that working hard is often in resistance to what I want. Because it says things like I think I know how things have to be. If it’s to be, it’s up to me. But guess what happens then? I leave out believing life is for me; I have a power Higher than me that can and will open heaven’s gates for me.

Life is meant to be a flow and will be when you get out of the way and allow it to happen for you.

Do you want more freedom, joy, or fun?

You will live bigger. Your heart will open more; your eyes will twinkle more.

What area of your life is feeling the need to grow? A few decades ago, all I could think about was how to be the best educator I could be. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to be at the top of my game.

But today, I’m in a different phase of my life and want to play big in being free, being a bright light for goodness, and loving more.

If your life is small or you are struggling, life is trying to get your attention. Life is asking you to open up to more possibilities.

Quit thinking you know best.

Quit making life hard.

You were born in the image and likeness of God.

Life is asking you to play bigger.

Life is saying there is something more for you.

As Mike Dooley says, “It’s the inner world that needs adjusting, tweaking, and plucking when the outer world fails to please.”

So, if you notice you aren’t living as big as you know you want, ask yourself what inside needs to be released. Like, “I’m not worthy.” “It’s greedy or not. Godlike to want more.”

How are you living life fully? Watch kids bounce around, pure joy.

Summer is here. Life is lighter and brighter. Calling for new growth, new life.
What does that mean for you and your life?

How can you allow yourself to live bigger and freer?