How Are You Awakening To Your Greatest?


Life is quite a journey—the journey of awakening to you and the vastness of possibilities. There are SO MANY layers and ideas to becoming all who you are meant to be—a spiritual being, not a human doing.


Enjoy the journey. Be present. Follow the Divine breadcrumbs.


It is said that the longest spiritual journey is from the head to your heart.


Listen to your heart and soul, your emotional guidance system. It’s the truth, the wisdom to your Higher Self.


For example, I read this comment in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, April 10, 2022, from Father Martin, “Recognize that what you’re feeling may be God’s feelings for the world, moving you to act. Do you feel outraged by the refugees in Ukraine? Maybe this is God inviting you to move in some way—to donate or help somehow. How else would God get people to act other than by moving our hearts?”


I know as I began this journey, my first breakthrough was huge. I realized there was a power greater than me. I had no idea what it was, but I “got” the concept. And, the unraveling began. Being raised Catholic, I thought God was a judging person watching all my steps, and I better do them right, or I’d be going to hell. The physical and material world limited my world based on how much I was doing. So, I thought I had to keep doing more to become better, nicer, and perfect. Then, I could be accepted in God’s kingdom of heaven when I followed all the commandments and authorities.


Life is given to you as you believe. One of the most significant learnings I’ve had is the power of your thoughts. Your thinking creates your reality. The Law of Attraction gives you what you think, feel, and believe. Good and bad, wherever the most energy is being given. I never thought about that kind of stuff.


I didn’t see or think there was “something” out there orchestrating how life works and my part in it. I felt I had to do it all.


I was driven by hard work and focus. But, along with that, there was quite the resistance when it wasn’t “my” way. I also thought I had to control everything and everyone to make the best life.


Thank goodness today, I know more. Like everyone is on their journey, and it doesn’t look like mine.


I have much to learn about that – conceptually, I know that, but I must allow and accept how all that is playing out too—another layer to awakening to my greatest self.


Life’s struggles teach many lessons of hope, resilience, and survival. Take time to look back at these times in your life and see how things shifted and how you were able to see more, be more.


There is no greater gift than giving your attention to what is calling you, the present moment. Realize life is for you, and whatever is given is there for your highest good. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, it brings you closer to your greatest.


Think about how you are awakening to your greatest, not just going through your routines, but seeing what is there at this moment for you.


You have a greater purpose in life.


The power of the Universe is in the joy of awakening.


Create a spiritual practice.


There’s freedom in each stage you move through. It can be freedom from something from your past or freedom to a new liberation.


Freedom from your limited thinking.


Freedom to a new world


Freedom to be who you were meant to be.


There’s significant meaning to the phrase, “Let go, and Let God.” It’s moving from you to a Higher Power. And the greater openings for more love, joy, and fulfillment.


Let go of what no longer serves you – an old habit, negative thinking, or judgments.


Notice if you are working against what life is trying to give you.


Are you even open to receiving?


Are you paying attention to all the Divine breadcrumbs before your day in and day out?


When you awaken and realize that a whole new world opens when you connect yourself and God. Not a judging God out there. Not separate from each other, but in the Oneness.


With the unity of you and God, life is a whole new dimension. You see more love, more goodness, and more peace. You understand the poets, writers, and philosophers.


You see greater purpose and meaning in life.


Leap, dig deeper to find your greatest.