How Are You Creating A Sense of Aliveness Each Day?


What rings your bell?


Do you open your shades in the morning and shout that you are so glad to be alive?


Most of us probably keep our soul tank low, at maybe one quarter full.  


Pretty empty.


We disconnect from one of the most important parts of ourselves.  


By connecting and aligning with your soul, you ignite your life in the greatest ways because you are living true to you.  Your energy is at the highest and you are allowing life to shower you.  


Did you know you when you breathe deeply, you bring in more oxygen and your cells glow with aliveness?  


Do you know the healing that can take place with just deeper breathing?  You feel so connected to your body and have more energy.  


Creating a greater sense of aliveness can be simple.  


Change the flow of your energy to something you enjoy doing.


Have beautiful flowers around you.


Breathe deeply for a few moments.  Notice where your breath is coming from.  How deep in your body can you go?  Fill up your body like you are a balloon.  Hold it for 5 seconds, and let go for at least 5 seconds.  


Wear bright colored clothes.


For too many people, life has become too many responsibilities and hardships.  You haven’t given yourself permission to enjoy life. 


You’ve forgotten to feed your soul.


A good part from the pandemic is that more people have time to discover what it’s like to just be.  Enjoying the simple things in life.


Just like on our road trip to Montana.  We had the chance to be observers.  Noticing what’s all around.  We have a greater appreciation for what each state shares and offers to our bigger system of resources.  I have a greater understanding of the rail transportation system after seeing all these farms with massive productions.  In Kansas, we noticed all the wheat fields.  We searched for the grain elevators and  trains stopping to transport them to the next destination.  It was fun to follow the whole operation.  In Nebraska with all the cornfields, we saw ethanol farms and the trains that came in there.  Amazing to understand the role corn plays.  With a limited view, you think corn only represents a vegetable.  


Life has much to offer.


Being more aware and alive brings back a vitality to life. 


What would be your “growing edge” to bring back some aliveness to your life?

Where can you become more awake and conscious of how you are living so life can be lighter and brighter?


Be willing to set an intention each day to be more alive, to cherish the life you are living, and to appreciate the simplicity of a good life.