How Are You Different Than You Were A Few Years Ago? Are You Okay With It?


How do you feel about being a work in progress? 


Just notice the 50th wedding anniversary pictures of people now and then.  Wow, what differences there are physically but can you imagine their stories and how their lives have changed. 


Amazing how different you become.


Sometimes you don’t take the time to notice the differences in your life whether yearly or every few years.  But, it can be telling.  Reflecting on your life allows you to build upon where you are and release that which is no longer serving you.


Do you understand that life is perfectly orchestrated to help you become your Higher Self? 


Do you see your life moving toward more freedom, doing more of what you want, or do you see you being more constrained with things like shoulds, responsibilities, and stories of how life has done you wrong?


Do you notice how messages from your ego are more negative, and messages and nudges from your intuition are uplifting and freeing?


Which is guiding your life?


I know that negative feelings or thoughts are there to help guide you back to your Higher Self. 

I know the negative is showing you that you are out of alignment with what your inner wisdom knows for your life. 

I know those negative thoughts and feelings are there to teach you and get your attention. 


All is not lost in the negative if you use it to your benefit, and not allow it to keep you down and stay negative.


Life is easy when things are going well.  It’s what happens to you when the challenges set in that really define who you are and where you are going.


You can help navigate life or go down screaming.  In reality, most of us have some of both.


I know for so long, I wanted everything to be perfect.  If I did enough good things and did it the “right way,” all would be well.  What a naive thought!   And, it caused me great angst because I didn’t understand why things went wrong. 


Like my divorce.  But, it was a major calibration for me and my life – for the good —after working through the pain and devastation.


I think that is why I love the shadow work.  It frees you.


Think about some areas of your life that could benefit from lifting a heavyweight and hold on you.  Doing some of your shadow work can free you from your past and all those layers of protection you have built (for good reasons at that time, to make it through whatever you were going through then). It can be some of the best personal development you can do. 


Today, you are a different person, you don’t need those barriers.


How can you create a new chapter for this new decade, not reliving the stories of your past that no longer fit who you are? 


Know there is a door waiting for you to open to design the amazing life you’ve dreamed about by taking the best of your past and leaving the rest.


A happier and fulfilled you makes you and the world around you better.


Use transitional periods, like a new year, a new decade, to look back and see how far you have come, and how you have become a greater version of yourself. 


Reflect upon 2019, and the 2010 decade.  How are you different?  In what ways are you proud of who you have become? 


Jump for joy. 

Write pages of gratitude of who you are now.

Celebrate the life you have created. 


And, then decide who you will become in 2020, and this new decade. Start your plan of action so in just a few years you can look back and see how much closer you are to becoming who God created you to be. 


It takes looking back and designing forward to become the greatest version of YOU!


Take the time, you are worth it!