How Are You Expanding Your Awareness?


What good are you giving birth to? Christmas was the perfect time to reflect upon this question. Use the seasons or holidays to help you see more in this big, miraculous world.


How is your heart? What are you feeling? What is your heart asking you for? Use what your heart needs as your first line of choice and decision-making. It is telling you what is true for YOU rather than what others need or how you thought it needed to be done.  


How are you walking the path of expanded awareness?


Is most of your life living from the past and old news?


Do you feel you already know all you need to know?


Is your mind polluted and shrinking in perspective?


If you face obstacles or challenges, know that those can be seen as opportunities to something greater – if you allow rather than resist what is happening.


I remember an activity I saw and have used that clearly shows how limited our world and thinking can be. They put a small square of tape around where you were standing on a large gym floor. The activity was to show how we protect and live in that small square when there was a whole big gym floor of possibilities. So where are you living – on the large gym floor or stuck in that small square? Notice.


Think about how you can make each day new in some way.


Think about a new story about becoming more conscious of something new each day.


Be more curious.


Be open to a new idea or some new way of doing or being.


Commit for a day or part of a day, not to resist what occurs. Be open to new possibilities. Your world will expand and be lighter. You won’t be so constricted and limited. I try to switch up my walks for just this reason. I notice when I go one way, I gaze at certain things. And, when I reverse the walk, it’s different.


I remember as a teacher that you tend to look in a particular direction and call on that side of the room more. Also, certain teachers call on boys more or girls more. We learned to track whom we called on. I realized my patterns. I broadened my awareness, so I called on all the children in my room.


The unfamiliar can be scary. But, often, it’s more that you haven’t seen another perspective or way.


Be open.


Yes is a powerful word. Use “Yes” to open you to an expanded awareness instead of an automatic no, not interested. The weather was beautiful here this last week. It’s not the time of year we eat out on the patio, but I opened the possibility to Bo one night, and we made the best evening. It was spectacular – listening to the rustling leaves, seeing the sunset, and watching the stars come out.


Let “Yes” become a new guiding light for you.


You make thousands of choices in your day. Decide to shift some of your choices. Stop and ponder what is coming out of your mouth. For example, one of the gifts I purchased a couple of the grandkids wasn’t exactly like I thought it was supposed to be when I received it. I worried and even thought about sending it back. But, it was the gift that the whole group came together to play with for a long time. So, let there be new ways.


Become curious.


Life is happening for you; if you can step back and see that it all has a purpose for you in the bigger picture, for you to expand and become the greater You.


Begin moving from listening more from your ego to listening more from your Higher Self. Your ego speaks more from fear, whereas your Higher Self speaks more from love, compassion. I have a stickie that says, which voice am I listening more to – the ego or my Higher Self to remind me I have another choice. The ego will be louder. EXPAND YOUR AWARENESS.


Stay conscious.


Be the observer of what is happening around you. Notice which habits and patterns rule your life. Could it help you loosen the grip and relax more by letting some of them fall away? One of the big ones for me is my exercise routine. I needed it to be rigid and push, push, push. Now I still do my ways, but I listen to what my body needs and shift to that day. I’m listening. I’m more conscious. For instance, I went mountain biking for the first time since my hamstring injury. Well, the next day, I felt sore and tight. So instead of doing my intensity workout, I chose to do more of my stretching and yoga one even though that wasn’t the scheduled one. I now listen more to my body’s needs and feels rather than from an outside force or idea.


Take charge of your life. The more conscious and aware you interact with life, the more accessible and lighter you will be.


Let 2022 be your year of expansion and greater awareness. Notice how empowered and free you feel.