How are you finding meaning in your life?

How are you finding meaning in your life? What are you saying to yourself about your life? What are your thoughts about life?

If you aren’t living your life on purpose, you come to a point in time in your life where life feels shallow or empty. You are being more negative than positive. You could be numbing yourself in ways to shut out the internal dialogue or push to reach for a higher purpose. You could be all worn out from all the responsibility of life. Peace comes when you are no longer only looking for satisfaction in the outer world, but when you are also listening to your soul. It’s when you know that you have a bigger purpose. It’s when you are living on fire, in passion.  It’s when you have put together the puzzle pieces of your life and realize your purpose.

For me living on purpose is when I am inspiring others to live their best life. Just like with writing these blogs and weekly messages, I hope something in the messages could help enrich someone’s life. I want to awaken others to all of life’s possibilities. I want to share the wisdom I have learned to help others grow and be all they are destined to be. Are you willing to look at your life and see where you are living on purpose? Are you willing to challenge yourself to make another choice in the areas where you are not living your life on purpose? Have the courage to take at least two actions this week to move you closer to your Divine purpose. Acknowledge yourself for the great work.