How Are You Impacting Others?

One of the givens in life is that each of us wants to know our lives mattered.
What’s beautiful about that is that making your life matter happens in a variety of ways unique to each of your gifts and what matters to you.
Go through your day and think about ways you are making a difference.  I try to smile and say hello to people I pass when walking.  I read once that someone said,” It was the person that said hello to me that I decided I wasn’t going to commit suicide, that someone noticed her.”  
What matters to you?  My license plate is “THKS” because I have learned a very valuable lesson of being grateful – for everything (sometimes not so easy).  But I’m conscious of trying to express it and show how blessed I feel.  
You will never know the impact you have on people. Give unconditionally.  
I don’t know who might see my license plate. It might impact someone:
to be a little more gracious and kind. 
to take time to acknowledge all that they have been given.  
to be a conversation starter.
Think about people who have impacted your life.  Have you told them?
Do you know people who do the kindest things? One friend sends birthday cards to everyone she’s known for the last few decades. How kind is that!
You know, people who go out of their way to help others, to watch out for their neighbors.  
They are making a huge difference.  
I was blessed to have a career in education, where we impacted lives every day. I felt that education is the ticket to whatever you want to do in life.  
I love education because it’s about being curious.  Learning opens doors and worlds.  
Teaching is a passion of mine. I want to awaken people to see all their life possibilities. Any way I can share and help others have a better path, I’m in for it.
Where are you impacting others?  Ponder ways with your family, extended family, friends, community, and global community.  
Sometimes you think it must be in big ways like the Gates Foundation, but in reality, every tiny gesture given with love matters to others.  People will pick up on the way you make them feel.
Today, loneliness is at epidemic levels. The world is hurting and feeling isolated. After COVID, I really understood that. I know single adults my age who don’t have family around and spend nearly every day by themselves. I know some of that can be good, but too much creates this space of loneliness.  
Who do you know that could benefit from you checking in with them?  Someone in your family, an old friend, a neighbor?  Decide to do your part to help alleviate this crisis.  
Or, what is your interest in helping others?
Life is hard enough with all the responsibilities and maneuvering through life.  Take time to reach out to someone who might need to hear from you.  You will receive much.
There are endless ways to bring your light to impact the lives around you.
What matters to you?  Share that.  
Make someone’s day.  What you give, you receive.