How Are You In Resistance To The Ebb and Flow Of Life?

How Are You In Resistance To The Ebb and Flow Of Life?

Life is about flow—the ups and downs, the here and gone.

There is nothing constant. Energy is always moving.

There is a right time. The Now. Because it is what is happening.

Right now, notice the weather, the traffic, or your schedule. Pay attention to the conversations you are having.

Are you allowing all of it to be okay?

Are you making it wrong?

What if you could step back and wonder how whatever is happening at the moment is for your greater good, is part of the divine design for you?

Do you know that when you receive a “problem,” the Universe shows you where energies that have been clogged up need to be released?

What needs your release of a stronghold you have going on?

Think of the seasons of the year and the seasons of life. They happen – spring, summer, fall, and winter. You are born and go through the decades. Each year of your life brings new situations and continuations of the old. Each season has its purpose, beauty, and differences.

When we went to D.C. on the first of April, we hoped to see all the cherry blossoms. They bloomed early. It didn’t bother us because we weren’t attached to that as our focus or purpose. Instead, we saw redbuds in so many beautiful states. We saw the beauty of our Capitol.

As Ernest Holmes says, “My consciousness alone determines the richness or the poverty of my thinking.”

Where are you stuck?
Life seems easy when everything feels like it is working. Notice where you allow it to be and savor the ease and flow. Become aware of what creates the tension from a situation that isn’t ebbing and flowing the way you think it should be.

What happens for you when obstacles are before you or a sudden change of plans comes forth for you? I know I am better today than I have been, but boy, is this an area of great work for me. Just like this morning, I received another email about the changes to our Hawaii travel for 2024. I bristle. I complain in my head. Yet, I know it’s all out of my hands. I know it is what it is. My work is to wonder why the resistance is and how I can free that.

How many things are you “fighting” in your life? Your age, your weight, your relatives, your politics, or your circumstances?

Feel the struggle, the tightness.

Why why are you and I pushing against so much in our lives?

What if you could ask, “What is here for me?”

Is it some fear arising?

Is it a loss of control?

Is it the feeling of powerlessness?

Why are you resisting? What’s behind the resistance?

Life has powerful messages for you. The messages are there to help make your life easier.

Can you allow life to be the ebb and flow it is? Can you ride those waves? Knowing that the other side will be here soon.

Even if you have had some tragedy in life, allow yourself to go through the stages of grief, whether denying, bargaining, or in anger. Feel what’s there but not in resistance of it. Don’t make It wrong. Life is happening through you.

Can you meet the moment?

Rather than resist?

Rather than thinking you know all the answers?

Rather than seeking a solution at the level of where your problem is?

Notice what part of you comes out – the fixer, the doer, or the knower?

Life is about the ebb and flow. The work is to allow it to be.

“The will of God is for the greater good.” God or your Higher Power is listening to your desires, helping clear the way for you, or something greater to happen for you.

Your job is to open and allow this flow of life to support you and all you desire.

Life is beautifully orchestrated for your Highest Good.

Have faith. Let go. Let God.