How Are You Inspiring Others Toward A Better Tomorrow?


New milestones in life are often helpful to create new beginnings.  


How can the 2021 inauguration help you refocus and commit to the tomorrow you desire? 


How can you be an example of living the life of your dream so others know there is more to hope for in life? 


We only know what we are exposed to. 


Your power is in the choices you make.  You are the creator of your reality.


Your attitude is 90% of how you see life.


What vibration and frequency are you ready for?  Life will match you.  


Is it finding ways to be connected in a more loving and peaceful way or are you allowing 2021 to be a year of anger and despair for you?


2020 was a year of great disruption.  It has certainly given all much to reflect on to what truly matters.  As well as the beginning of 2021.


As Vernon Howard states, ”If you plan your future by your past, your future can only duplicate your past.”   


Most people will probably say they do not want a repeat of 2020.  


It is important that you become conscious and very clear about what are the values and desires you want to feel this year.  


As John-Roger, DSS shares, “You should be thankful every time somebody prods you because that lifts you just a little bit, and that little bit sometimes makes you notice that out-of-balance area.” 


Your geography needs to change before your life can change.  That includes the vision you hold, the mindset and the physical space.


Who do you want to become?  


What is your highest calling this year?


What is the life you are saying goodbye to?  


This time in Maui, butterflies are all around us.  Not just one but often in pairs.  Whether at our condo or on our walks.  They are beautiful.  I know butterfly represents transformation.  


I know it’s time to rise above and be willing to allow life to shower me with new visions of possibilities.  See life from a new perspective, a higher dimension. Seeing God in all things.  I know I need to let go of some old patterns and expectations, like living mostly from my head.


Your mind limits what’s possible by what it knows, whereas your heart can be opened to unlimited possibilities.  


Could leading with your heart be more inspiring than leading from your mind?  


What feeling do you want others to talk about when they leave your presence?


Take an inventory and see how much of your life you feel a “10” about.  


By living your life at a 10 or close to it, you could be sparking feelings of joy for others.  Showing others new potential for them.  Creating images of a world bigger than themselves.

How can you live a more inspired life to elevate the consciousness and possibilities for all?