How Are You Keeping Your Spirits Lifted This Holiday Season?


Remember, what you think about expands.


It is so easy to feel depressed and sad right now.  It’s unbelievable how many lives we have lost, how many people are ill and how many families are separated because of this virus.


It makes me angry.  It makes me angry how many families have to face this season without loved ones because of our unwillingness to sacrifice a little.  Yes, there are inconveniences.  But I can’t think of many days in my life I haven’t had to budge a little to make life better for myself and others.  


What I know for sure, it doesn’t do me any good to complain, because I stay in that negative energy and will be shown many more things to be angry or upset about.  So I know, I must shift and use that energy for some purpose that could be helpful.


Like asking you how you are keeping your spirits lifted.  


It’s time to be extra vigilant with keeping your eyes and hearts open for goodness and love. 


It might be hard especially if you are suffering from a loss.  But, I still encourage you to find joy, whether that’s in the memories you shared, or in the blessings that you have in your life now.


I know I can lift my spirits just by seeing pictures of my kids, grandkids or past scrapbooks.  


I know my daily walks lift my spirit.  


I know looking out our dining room window watching for the hawks or kingfisher bring curiosity and joy to me.


What in this moment lifts your spirits?  Do that.  Then you will see more of what you feel.  Like attracts like.  You will feel better.  

Just like right now writing this, it is snowing outside. It’s beautiful.  I feel lifted.  I think about how fun this will be for our grandkids to enjoy.  I feel even better, more joyful, more hopeful because they will be excited to play in a different way today.


Most of the time it doesn’t really take much to shift your energies and focus.  It’s just easy to be pulled down by media and life’s tragedies.  That is why it is SO VERY important to have reminders all around you of ways to move to a better feeling place.


Life is full of ups and down.  Your job, and mine, are to find ways to live life most fully.  Live life from the perspective that there are plenty of things to feel good and blessed about.  


Let it be your focus, your default of what you are seeing or talking about.


My focus today was to bring forth some light in the world to help others live with a little more joy and peace. To help remind you to find the goodness of life even when there is great darkness around.


How can you shine your light a little brighter today and throughout this holiday season?