How Are You Maintaining?


Where is your focus?  On what is outside yourself or what is inside of you?


If you are choosing to determine how your life goes based on external factors, you will remain in a state of anxiety and volatility.  And negativity.  Especially as you watch things such as our Capitol being sieged. 


Yes, you can be raged and upset and feel everything you do.  But don’t let it control your life and persona. 


You attract what you hold inside of you.  


If you use these circumstances to determine how your life is, you are giving away your power.  If instead you can use them to be your teacher, you can regain control of your life and determine the direction you want your life to go.


You are not in charge of the world.  You are in charge of you.  I know a hard lesson.


I remember a big lesson I learned from Stephen Covey’s book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People was the circle of concern and the circle of influence.  His message hit me hard. As a Principal it felt like I was always at the beckon call of everyone else and everything around me.  When I understood how I can’t be concerned about all the outside factors, I could only do what I was responsible for.  So as rules and laws came out, instead of complaining and arguing about them, I had to decide how I could help us transition in the best way possible for our beliefs and direction for our school.  It took the anxiety off.  It took away feeling like a victim.  I felt empowered because I could take what was happening and do something with it based on my needs.


As you see the walls around you crumbling down whether that’s in the rules, establishments, or the ways things used to be, find the message for you.


Is it time for you to become a light for more peace and love in the world?

Is it time for you to help others feel valued?

Is it time for you to work on your hidden feelings about race and power?


What are you raging about?  There’s a lesson for you.


As Maria Shriver shared in her January 10, 2021, Sunday Paper, “Don’t let your story be about the sad, heartbreaking things in your life.  Make that a chapter, as it is part of your story but don’t think of it as your whole story.”  As she goes on to say, “Don’t ever allow your story to end up in the tragedy section.  Keep it going and growing.  Make sure it ends up in the heroine section.”  


When you quit struggling and arguing with life, you can step back and find your role and purpose in every situation.  Especially the ones that cause you disarray.  


Find a focus and a way for you to take charge of something that matters to you.


Notice how you are maintaining your life especially in these turbulent times.


Blaming doesn’t help. (As much as I like doing that at time.)  It keeps you staying in the lower energies and parts of life.  


Events, situations and people are all mirrors to you whether where you are projecting or you need some reflection.  


If you are choosing to live your best life, every day, every choice and every word you use makes a difference.  


Focus on what matters to you.  On what YOU can control.


Choose to raise your altitude and attitude, and you will find a more peaceful, loving life.