How Are You Making 2021 Impactful To Your Life?


Six months of 2021 have passed.  How have they been impactful to your life?


Life is a gift.


Did the pandemic help you redefine what is important to you?  I know I have loved being face-to-face with my girlfriends again.  Sitting together for lunches.  The connections are so important.  


I know we love traveling and getting out exploring.  We are getting ready to be on the road again to discover new possibilities.  Not being able to be as active as I have always been, opens new ways to see life.  Bo and I were talking about all the places we have experienced.  And, he said, you know, do we need to go back to them and take it all in on another level?  It’s telling.  Imagine all we’d see now.


You perceive the world the way you are, not how it is.  


It’s been interesting watching the employment dilemma.  How employers are saying they can’t find employees.  How employees are deciding what they truly want and not just settling. Not going back to jobs just to have a job.  They have found out how they can do with less stuff and not needing to go, go, go.  They are deciding more what they want rather than just do because it’s a job.  I love it.


Making their lives more impactful.


It’s been a time for a big shift in consciousness.  I think to have a simpler life and one that is more purposeful. 


The shift is tricky.  



Maybe you don’t know where you are going yet.  You haven’t found what’s right for you but you know you want a change.  


Before you change courses, list out the 5 core feelings that are most important to you.  Like freedom, value, love, joy, and beauty.  So as you are deciding on this or that, go back to those feelings and see if what you are choosing to provide you those.  If not, it’s not right.  Listen to your inner wisdom.  Let those feelings drive you to what is your next chapter, how life can be more impactful for you.


Look at the first 6 months and see what brought you the most joy, fulfillment, and peace.  Make sure that’s the path you follow as you are creating the next 6 months of your life.


Life is precious.  It takes focus and commitment to make it feel easy and joyful.  It happens when you make choices in alignment with what’s right for you.  Sometimes that can be blurry because of old beliefs and trying to please others.


I’m all about helping you gain clarity about what is right for you.  What life is calling you to be and do.  Yes, all that other helped you get started on a path, but the real work is undoing and becoming who you were created to be.  


See what was right from the past and leave the rest.  Not let the past define your future.  Not let the past hold you back or keep you regretful.  Let the past be lessons of clarity and greater understanding of what matters to you.


It’s all breadcrumbs to who you desire to be today.


These timelines are helpful to stop and reset, and discover what’s most important today, July 2021.  


Summer is here.  New growth, more light.  Let it propel you forward to a lighter, brighter life.


Let the second half of 2021 multiply your happiness beyond what you know.  


Honor all that you are feeling.  Let the uncertainty, frustration, and joy guide you to a better feeling place.  


I once read how to tell what you are really feeling.  If someone bumped into you as you were holding a cup of coffee, what would come out of your mouth?  Anger, blame, or understanding?  


This is where you are on the emotional scale.  


This is what you are attracting in your life.   Is it what you want?  Notice if it’s out of alignment with your core feelings. 


It’s time to find ways back to those core feelings so life can be what YOU desire for the rest of 2021.  


What is calling you today to make 2021 impactful to you?  What’s one small step you can take to feel closer to what you truly desire?