How Are You Making Your Days Matter?


What are the highlights of your 2018?


There were 365 days in this precious year of your life. How much of the year do you remember? I know for me there are a number of events but mostly, the days have gone by.


List the top 10 events of 2018 for you.


                  What mattered?

                  What was most significant?

                  What was most painful?


As E.S. Bouton says, “True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things out of each day as it goes by.”


Each day you are given 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds.


Are you letting life slide by? Or, did you list something significant that happened for you every month?


Take time to notice if you are producing the life you want through the days, minutes and seconds passing by.


Highlight the moments and hours that are right on target to serve the purpose you have for your life. For instance, if you volunteer or donate to causes that matter for you. If you choose kindness over being right.


Notice how much of a difference they make to your life.


The key to your best life is to become conscious of how you are doing life, not just in the big things but in the little ways that matter.


Do you tell the people closest to you that you love them,  that they matter to you? Every day?


Do you begin and end your day being grateful?


Do you focus on being the most kind, compassionate being you can be?


Do you know that you touched other’s lives?


Then, 2018 was a great year!!!   Even with the hurdles of every day’s circumstances.


If 2018 wasn’t what you wanted, change the script.


Think about the story you created. How do you know what it is? Look at your life, it’s your feedback. If it’s not what you want, then begin thinking about what you TRULY want. Was 2018 too chaotic or stressful? Was it mostly full of fun experiences and time with those you love?


Remember, everything that happens is just a moment in time in your life.


Good or bad.


The tendency is to stay in the negative and keep reliving it.


Don’t do that. Don’t stay in the energy of hurt, frustration or anger. Feel it and move through it. See the meaning it has for you right now. Don’t hold on to it or make it mean something more than it’s a road bump to get your attention.


Disappointments or heartaches are not meant to be a life sentence. Even though they feel like it at the time.


Take the good and leave the rest.


From a telescopic view, notice how aligned you are with what you want and what you are living.


What is the big idea for your life?

What are you called to do?

What’s the story you want to tell about the life you lived?


Let this message remind you it might be time to redefine the direction you are going in your life so you know you are making days that matter.


Self-correct. Regroup and find the clarity and passion you need to create 2019 just the way you want.


Know that all the events that have happened in 2018 can help you. If you allow yourself to see it from a higher perspective.


As this year ends, take time to savor the year – the pain and the gains. Write a revised script for your story. Base it on your reflection of 2018, and your desires.


Design 2019 how you want it to happen. One that focuses on who you want to be and how you want to feel.


You are one of the chosen people to have another day. Make it matter. Make the most of the seconds, minutes and hours you are given.