How Are You Nurturing This Chapter of Your Life With A New Story of Possibilities?


Are you stuck and frustrated with how life is?


What if you designed your life to be a world champion – in whatever you love.  What would that look like?  What would you have to commit to?  The most important thing is that it matters to you. You design it.  You live it and live like that.


Remember, everything begins within – what you are thinking, imagining, and hoping.


Doesn’t it feel wonderful? Be who you are created to be.


This is the day and life you have prayed for.


How does your life need to change today and tomorrow?


I recently read an article about a country singer, Jewel.  She said she focuses on being happy, and that’s what guides her life.  Can you see how that can help you quickly decide if what you are doing leads to happiness?  If not, quit doing it or find a way back to satisfaction, which is how she began getting into meditation to slow down the pace of life.


Know what you desire and create your path towards it – step by step.


Choose to be different from how you describe and see yourself from your past.  What is that?  A peaceful warrior?  A compassionate soul?  Happiness?


Where is your focus?  


What does that look like?  How would you know that you were that?  The whole point is to feel good, be who you are, and do what you want.


Think about this chapter of life in a radically different way.


Is that you living as a spiritual being rather than a human being?

Is that knowing angels are all around helping guide you?

Is that allowing the world to be as it is? Because it is…

Is that living as the Oneness and not as the independent body?


Look at your hypocrisies and shift to live in alignment. If, for instance, you state you want to be accepted for who you are, then notice how you judge other people. Is it race, gender, younger people’s decisions? Where is it hard for you to walk your talk? The work begins on you first. When you can love and accept ALL of you, then guess what? You’ll notice how accepting people are. Those are the people you will attract because that is what you are.


How are you nurturing your life with a new story for this chapter?  Today is a new day. 


I came across this idea for my blog this week because one of my friends told me about her friend.  Her friend wakes up in the morning to a particular person’s Facebook post and can’t wait for his last post of the evening after dusk.  


It struck me hard.  How could that be the highlight of your day?  Yes, you might have lost a partner, lost some mobility, and even have many wrinkles.  But certainly, your life can have more meaning than waiting on someone’s Facebook post.


How can you turn your pain into power to become the greater you, the transformed version of who you intend to become? My coaching mentor’s work was about the gold in the darkness.  This means our traumas or hurts in life can help wake us up to a more remarkable life, whether that teaches you more compassion for yourself or others. Or maybe acceptance and understanding of others. Or you are kinder to yourself. So there are messages for you in these painful situations. 


Creating your new chapter can be made from opening your life through these past possibilities.


Remember, don’t let the past dictate your future.


Radiate your inner light. How can you find ways to let it shine?


Light and breezy. Focused on Oneness. Love.


Notice how you are one link to the world becoming that for everyone who so desires.


What can your next chapter entail so that you can brighten your world and others?