How Are You Protecting Your Well-Being?


Trying times require you to dig deep and know what matters most to you.



Your well-being, as written in the Oxford Dictionary, is “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”


Your well-being depends on your state of being, attitude, and focus.


How are you aligning your inner states of beings so you can more easily handle what’s happening in the outer world? When you are at peace, you can find more peace. Decisions are easier. Focus on what YOU can do something about, your circle of concern and influence.


What are the standards you use to define your well-being? How do you focus those standards on living in alignment with them? How committed are you to ensure you are protecting your well-being?


Do you have a moral compass that guides your decisions?


What spiritual beliefs help lead you through life, the peaks, and valleys, to keep you feeling healthy and happy?


How do you decide what is best for you physically, emotionally, and mentally no matter the situation?


As I watched the January 6th hearings, I saw several examples of how people can be pushed so far, but there was a point that they could no longer be stretched against their will and values, no matter the threats or consequences.


Are you protecting yourself and making sure you live by your standards and core values, day in and day out?


During COVID, we were all required to wear masks to help protect from the virus. It made me more conscious of making sure I was living healthy. It made me aware of protecting myself, so I would remain healthy and keep others protected too.


Find some healthy habits that build up your spirits.


Tune in to the frequency of bliss FM more than gloomy FM. You receive more of what you focus on.


Would you say what you hear on social media or TV helps you feel better and make better decisions? Cherish how you spend your time and with whom.


How are you giving more love than hate and judgment? Feel the difference in your body, and the stress that is on your being when there is negativity. It builds up.


How are you living more in possibilities than lack or fear? Think about how abundant you are. Right now you have enough air to breathe. Be grateful, and feel blessed.


Your well-being and the collective well-being need you to tune into the Highest, Loving Being you can be.


Times are dark and seem to become darker for so many.


How can you protect your well-being and become a light to help transform and transmute the darkness to light?