How Are You Raising Your Vibration To Live More Fully?

The world is full of possibilities. Yet we allow ourselves to be small, stuck in our little worlds.

Your comfort zone often restricts you from living more fully.

We are afraid to live big and feel good.

I was conversing with a friend I hadn’t seen in years this past week. She reflected on the past twenty years when she was courageous enough to leap – accept a different job and move out of state. We laughed and laughed. We honored how huge of a decision that was and how she has seen the world because of that decision. The people from her small hometown have been so afraid for her and wondered how she could go there and there even after all these years of thriving. Their world is a tiny box. Hers is expanded. She is living fully, prosperous, and content. She is on fire.

How can you choose something higher? What would it be like to live in a Higher Energy?

Be curious.

Let joy be your mission.

Feel times when you are joyful. You are light-hearted, easy, and full of life. You are vibrating high energy and attracting lots of goodness to your life.

Good is natural.

Joy opens your heart.

When you are full of joy, you are full of God, goodness, and love. Whether that be with yourself, life, or whatever you are experiencing.

The number #1 thing that could change your life is always being in your HIGHEST vibration in whatever you are doing. Start any activity, conversation, or thought by putting yourself in the greatest vibration you can. Feel the joy of it, the fun, or the possibility. It changes the energy.

Use Divine Power in practical ways.

The highest vibrations are when you are in joy, freedom, peace, and love.

Find ways to be in those energies. I know sometimes it is not available, but find ways to make steps to raise your vibration. Like if you are discouragement, notice that. Notice what you are feeling; make it right. But see if you could shift that a little bit to a better feeling like a disappointment. It releases some of the density and resistance. It allows a better feeling of energy to have some space to lift you up.

Seek a bigger life today, whether that is buying the house you want or selling everything to buy a motorhome and travel.

Free yourself. Feel your energy rising.

What pumps you up?

What’s blocking you? Too much responsibility – see how you can free some reins. Old beliefs?

Are you being a martyr thinking only you can do this?

Are you carrying an old vision of this “what women must do?”

Ask yourself if this is true. Yes, it was for you then, but does it have to be that way today? Crazy how long we carry those beliefs without even looking at them.

Raise your vibration by letting go and shedding the past that no longer serves you.

How are you investing in raising your vibration?

As John-Rogers, DSS shares, “When you are loyal to yourself, you develop inner reference points of peace, contentment and a sense of worthiness.”

Believe you deserve to feel good, have good, and live good.

The truth to being in a higher vibration is to find what feels good and do everything you can to stay there or return to feeling good. Nothing complicated. It is really simple. Yet so much of life we thought was about achieving, getting, and rushing. Feel good first. Then all the other falls into place.

Life will give you what you expect. Expect the best. Positive expectations are a high vibration. See if there is something you can have positive expectations about. Like today, you get to see your grandkids. Today the sun is out, and you can go for a walk. Note when you have those higher feelings – more will come to you.

I know that my vibration is high when I start my day meditating and walking outdoors. I can feel myself buzzing. I can delight in the birds singing, the sun rising, and my body feeling healthy.

What are you doing to raise your vibration to live your highest life?

What makes you feel good, do that, and more of it.