How Are You Responding To This Uncertainty?


Fear is blinding.  


Hope is a powerful force against fear.  Hope guides you towards possibilities.  


Keep HOPE front and center during these uneasy times.  


Think about what you need right now.  Is it a smile, is it some fresh air or some comforting words?  I have loved watching all the people in our neighborhood out walking, riding bikes and fishing.  Families are together. Kids are on bikes and scooters. One dad had his daughter on his shoulder while walking the dog and his two boys zipping around.  Pure magic and joy.   



Understand that the rules change during uncertainty.  There is a greater need for nourishment, structure and flexibility.  


Find structures and strategies that bring you hope and some feeling of being empowered.  


I love my Course of Miracles lesson, “I could choose peace instead of this…” whatever you are feeling.  Notice what you are feeling, and then acknowledge you have a CHOICE.  That is always empowering. It moves you away from feeling helpless or hopeless.  


Think present moments, not future 6 or 8 weeks out.  Think about what you can do RIGHT NOW.  


Take today.  Plan for it if it makes you feel in control.  Or, if you can relax, let the day evolve.  


Listen to what your body and soul needs.  


Are your children asking to be held more, be close or play more?


This is a time to be more self-aware and self-reflective.  


Take time to notice your emotions.  


This is scary.  

It feels overwhelming.  


If you notice you are unhappy or fearful, what are you allowing in your mind and world?  


Do you need a break from the news, social media or others who proclaim fear and the worse case scenarios?  


I saw this saying and loved it. “Social distance yourself from negativity.”  


Find music that pumps you up, upbeat videos that make you laugh, and examples of acts of kindness.  They are all over. I am amazed at people’s creativity.  


During normal times, transitions can be tricky to manage.  In today’s coronavirus, nobody knows.  
Your faith is needed more than ever.  You will be tested.  


Choose faith over fear.  


I believe in perfect timing of the Universe.  I had preordered the book “The Universe Always Has A Plan”  by Matt Kahn.  It showed up this week.  How perfect. In an email from Matt, he highlighted this chapter to ponder – Golden Rule #7: Everything Changes, But It Can Only Change You For The Better.


As you are wondering, whether from fear or faith, take some time to reflect on how things are changing.  How are they changing you for the better? To me, that relaxes me, helps me trust and have more faith just by seeing those words.    It reminds me that something greater than me is in charge.  


Know you will not be here forever.  Things are changing. As the saying goes, nobody likes change but babies with wet diapers.  But, the reality is change is here.  


Think about the good things that are happening from this.  You have ALL the time you need to do what you want. Are you taking advantage of that?  


What new are you discovering that you enjoy and can create? 


Play with new recipes.  

Learn a new language together as a family.  

Plant a garden.  What a great lesson for children to see.  Whether you are planting vegetables or flowers.  Children receive first-hand experience in seeing them flourish or what was missing.


Trust in yourself.  


Know you have what you need.  


You might have to dig deeper, but that’s not a bad thing. You discover, maybe for the first time, that everything you need is  within you.

You might need to get on your knees and find a Source greater than you to help you and guide you through this uneasy time


Ask for the help and support you need at this time.


Transform your fear to power.  Use this uncertainty to become more of who God, The Universe, created you to be.  

P. S.  I’m here to support you in whatever way you need.  Email me at