How Are You Reviewing the Divine Adventure You Are On?


Consciousness is creating your world.  It is the area of greatest power.  Take advantage of living in the world you desire.


As you are reviewing what is happening to you and the world around you, it’s crucial that you are aware of the power you have to create the world you desire.  


Consciousness is defined as, “the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.”


Life is not happening to you, life is happening FOR you.


Think about your thoughts about 2020.  Notice how you feel about 2020.  


Wherever you are in angst or upset are clues to where you are not living in harmony with your Highest. Those places could be clues where to begin an adventure to your truth.  


Would you say you are grateful for the experiences you had in 2020?  Can you believe life loves you and is for you?  If you can step back and look for the blessings in all that happened to you, what were the biggest ahas for you this year?


I know this year was meant to bring light to the darkness that has been hidden. Whether that was just below the surface and in the unconsciousness, either individually or collectively. 2020 was in your face to deal with it.  


Whether the racial tensions, the inequities or the political climate, there were a lot of rumblings.  


Where are you stressed?


As Dr. Bruce Lipton says, “90% of our illness is stress related.  That is when the chemistry of the brain is not living in harmony.”  He goes on to discuss to heal this health crisis is to become more conscious so you can decide what is best for your life.  


There will be more light in the world when each of us individually face the shadows and darkness hiding within you. 


Become more conscious.


I know this year broke loose many ideas I held sacred – like rules are meant to be followed whether constitutional, biblical or family rules.  The blessing is that I understand better the dark night of the soul we all walk.  It has released some binds that have been holding me down.  I’ve felt more freedom – not needing to be the good girl or so holy.  


I know as I have asked a few people about their 2020, almost everyone starts with how bad it was.  


I believe these negative situations are to wake us up.  Often, we won’t look at something because it’s easier to cover up the pain you are feeling or seeing.


2020 kept piling it on.  Asking you to reach deep within your heart and soul.  In order to handle the overwhelming barrage of heartaches, it was necessary to tap deeper into your faith.  Nothing else can make sense of the craziness.  


As my spiritual teachers have shared, nothing is entirely bad or good, it is the meaning we give to it.  For instance, the pandemic is disastrous in my eyes for numerous reasons.


So many lost lives. And, others with lingering health problems.

Children are out of school.

Lots of restrictions and losses.

Many more people are living in poverty.


The good is people are becoming more conscious.  The world is undoing many beliefs or ways of being for most of us.  People are stepping back and realizing what really matters in life. Families are spending more time together.  People were outdoors more.  You have seen the goodness in many people, people who are bigger than themselves – like our frontline workers. They are great role models showing how they are concerned about others, how they sacrifice and  how they step up in times of need.


How have you become more conscious of life – the choices you are making, being responsible for how your life is going and realizing how you are making up the meaning you are giving your life.


As you are reviewing this past year, what were some of the areas of growth or learning for you this year?  Humility, asking for help, or having more gratitude and appreciation.


What is the divine adventure you are on?  Where is your life headed?


Every moment of life is a new beginning.  But, often you need the transitions of a year to capture your attention in order to decide it’s time to change something that is no longer working for you.  


2020 gave you plenty of ways to begin again in new ways.


Let 2021 be your year to your Highest Self.  


As Rachael Jayne Groover says, “Tune into your Potential FM station.”  


Let 2021 help you get real.  


Real about the pain you are feeling.  

Real about what you truly desire. 


Remember, life is about growing not conquering.  Honor where you are.  Celebrate how you have managed and thrived in the years you have lived.  Review how far you have come, and be grateful for all you have been able to do.


Enjoy the journey.  The hard times are often the times where there is the most growth and opportunities.  


Hopefully, 2020 woke you up.  For you to see and understand life is more than going through the days.  Use 2021 as your awakening to your Divine Adventure known as life.


What are you creating?  What needs your attention and awareness?