How Are You Rising Above?

During this Easter season, use it as a reminder of where you want your life to be.

Reflect on what’s not working so you can rise above.

Think about how you can use this spring season to help you see more light. The days get lighter earlier, and the nights stay lighter later. I love it!

How can the lighter days help you rise above the darkness in your life?

Can you use those lighter mornings for a walk to be a healthier you?

Can you use the lighter nights to sit outside with your family and bask in the energy of lightness? Can you slow down and savor the moments?

Notice the distressful things in your life.

How can you clear them away? Add more love to the situation, whether through forgiveness or kindness.

Love raises your vibration, what you see, and how you are. Spend more time in the energy and with things you love, like gardening, reading, or being with people you love.

Rise up.

Then, take on the challenges in your life. You will have a better feeling and be able to handle situations in a way that makes you rise above the problem. You are more in the energy of the solution. Remember, you can’t solve a problem on the same level.

Rise above.

Add to your repertoire the mantra “Rise above.” Say this over and over, especially when you are facing trying situations, like when you think you need to prove yourself or be right. RISE ABOVE.

Be devoted to rising up and looking for the light, the easiness and the love in life.

Think about ways you can rise above the negative chatter you might hear or share. Like:

Think about kind words you can share about your body so you can be in harmony with it. No matter how it is.

Add more positive, light thoughts to your day.

One of my intentions these days is to “See the world through the eyes of God.” I’m doing much better catching myself, lots of times throughout the day. I have reminders all around.

I’m intending to rise above the minutiae of the world these days.

I intend to believe that life is for me and all that is happening is for my Highest Good, so see how that is. Reminder: Rise Up.

How can you rise up and be grateful for all the freedoms you have? All the luxuries Americans have – clean water, electricity and all kinds of protections?

How can you use this season to rise to a higher consciousness and a better feeling place?

How can you be committed to becoming more of the light by rising to a higher frequency and be willing to live there? How powerful you can be for yourself and the greater good.

Life requires each one of us to rise above to create the world you and I desire: one that is more loving, peaceful, and easier.