How Are You Seeing Beauty In All

Beauty is all around.

People have said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

What are you seeing? Where is your focus?

Can you imagine your world if you kept beauty as your focus?

How Are You Seeing Beauty In All

Think about what you would be manifesting.

Think about how your world would unfold.

Your thoughts and intentions are creating the life you are living.

There is always beauty to see.

As Rollo May says, “Beauty is the experience that gives us a sense of joy and a sense of peace simultaneously.”

Beauty matters to me. It is one of my core values. Whether a situation is bad or good, I quickly find a way to find the “good.” Like on a bike ride this weekend, the winds blew like a gale. Pushing to move my bike through it and keeping my attention on the struggle, all of a sudden, I saw this group of beautiful red flowers along the road and, shortly thereafter, a patch of purple ones. Both different types of flowers I don’t know. It was magical. The beauty changed my energy changed my focus. It’s powerful when you realize the magic of beauty.

See with new eyes. Notice where you are judging or are uncomfortable with a situation. How could you find the beauty in it?

Just think about catastrophes. Notice how goodness comes out. Notice how much giving shows up. It feels like the best in people show up to help.

Could these horrible situations be wake-up calls for you to see the beauty in humankind?

Could it be a wake-up call to remind you to live more from your heart than judgment?

Today, as you walk or go about your day, find the beauty all around you. What sparks your aha?

Go room to room in your house; what stands out as beautiful?

See the people around you with new eyes. What beauty are you seeing?

What you focus on, you receive more of.

Realize how your life is lifted as you lead by seeing the beauty in all.

Take time to retrain your mind to see the beauty in all.

Your life will be lifted to a new consciousness.