How Are You Settling Instead of Living Your Dreams?


Are you a dreamer?


I am. I believe in possibilities.


I didn’t always understand how it works. Growing up I thought the harder I worked, the more I would achieve and have in my life. But, there was a cost, it was exhausting. I was focused on doing and achieving so there was never peace or satisfaction because there was always more, or someone doing something better than I was.


Finally, after breaking apart from what I thought was the right way to do life, I surrendered to allow God or the Universe to guide me. I got it. I realized that I have certain gifts and purpose here. I understood how my job is to be more of me and share my wisdom and lessons to help others be all they can be.


I knew there had to be a better way. I want you to know there is a way for you to live your dreams.


I believe it’s tied to your life’s journey. To figure out who you are, what’s most important to you, what your gifts are, and how you can make a difference with them.


And, that’s why it’s so important to go within, listen to your inner being and how you are feeling. They are clues to help steer you in the direction of your purpose.


Those concepts are keys to guiding you, pushing you, to the life you want.


It is your time to live your heart’s desires.


Think back to when you did follow your dreams. Life itself presents different opportunities to dream. Just like the decades of your life:


After high school, you dreamed of the college you wanted, the career you desired. Then, dreams of getting married, who is it, where will it be, who will be in my wedding, whom do I invite.


You dream big. You’re excited about the possibilities. Then you continue dreaming about having a family – what will that be like, how will our children turn out.


But somewhere along the way, you’ve decided to hold back on your dreams. Was it?


You’ve had too much responsibility and no space to allow the dreams in?

You have more beliefs about how dreams can’t happen?

You didn’t allow yourself the excitement and broader perspective of dreaming of the possibilities?


As Michael Phelps’ quote says, “Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.”


Dust off your dreams. Let go of any limiting beliefs.


Your dreams matter. Listen to the Universe telling you to live your truth.


Don’t settle.


Without dreams, you lose your sense of wonder, value and excitement for life.


Let this time of life with all the freedom you have, be when you finally choose to live your dreams.


As you probably know, my dream and mission is to Champion New Models of Aging so that people can see possibilities and hope during this fourth quarter of life. I want the theme of aging to be more about thriving than all the illness.


I KNOW people have lots to give and contribute.


I KNOW Boomers and Retirees have great wisdom and experiences to share that can save others heartaches, money or time working through the challenges and obstacles of life. You know how you thought life was going to be a certain way and it turns out differently, that’s depressing. It’s wonderful to have someone like you, to help work through it, For instance, if you’ve lost a child, or had an illness or lost everything and came back, you have much to share.


Your story can provide hope.


That’s why it’s so important to listen to the music in your heart.


I’ve seen many retirees that had careers in business or the military to decide now they would become an artist, expressing their creative, heart side. What’s calling you?


You have something special to give, to contribute. It’s your gifts and talents.


How can you turn that into something meaningful for you and the world?


As Wayne Dyer said, “Being inspired means that you are willing to act upon your inner impulses so you never experience the pain of dying while still wondering, what if?”


What dream or project have you been putting off saying, “It can’t happen” or “Someday”?


Where have you settled or given up on a dream that matters to you?


Think about a contribution you can make that lights up your world, not to be busy or do another thing to do. One that fills your every cell…


Let me help you bring it to life. It is possible.  


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