How Are You Staying In Tune With Your Core Desired Feelings?


Life is here to live and ENJOY.


How could your life be more alive and easy by making your decisions and choices with the core feelings you desire?  


Instead of letting life decide how it will be for you, make a decision to live according to the qualities that you desire that are most important to you.


Your core feelings can help you make tough decisions.  Think of how you want your life to feel.  If any decision won’t bring forth those feelings, the answer is “no.”  No matter how much you try to justify it for yourself.  The decision will not feel right and your life will be out of whack.


First, take time to decide what those top 5 feelings are.  Then use them to guide all of your life. You will sense an amazing difference in how you function in life.  It is the feeling you are after no matter what you choose to do.  Whether you are picking your grandkids up from school or going grocery shopping.  


Be in tune with your desired feelings.  For instance, instead of thinking grocery shopping as a chore that needs to be done, think about how much “love” it brings to those in your household.  “Love” is a core feeling I like to feel.  I know Bo’s love language is acts of service and gifts. He loves me taking care of these chores and when I bring home a little treat he really enjoys.  Just by shifting my perspective of something that I do in life to serving others, I can feel greater love, peace, and joy.  Also, there is greater appreciation of the freedom I feel to go shopping these days since I’m vaccinated.  I am much happier.  


What feelings make you feel alive and at the most peace with life?  


I know my core ones are joy, peace, love, freedom and fun.  I know when these type of activities and situations are in my life, I am feeling good and content.  Life flows.


I love to travel.  But if it is too chaotic and doesn’t make sense, I can be out of sorts pretty easily.  For instance, recently I was planning a girlfriend trip.  We were given a flight with 2 1/2 hour layover.  We were going to be at one hotel 1 night and then when we returned some place else not near where we wanted to explore.  So my core feelings of peace, freedom and fun were not there.  We changed our plans, and I became more settled after a few decisions because I expressed more of what I needed to feel.  Yes, we paid a little more on the flight but the important part was to enjoy and not dredge it.  Especially the fun of being with girlfriends.  


Stay tuned to what feelings are most important to you.  How do you know?  When you are out of sorts – stressed, overwhelmed or upset.  You are not in alignment with your highest or your desired feelings.  


Notice when you are not aligned to those feelings. 


Stay empowered.  


Stop and take time to understand what is causing your disharmony.  


Then make choices and decisions to put yourself back in harmony with your core feelings.  


For instance:

Is someone trying to control you or your decision?  For me, that takes away my freedom.  I will become shut off, pent up.  


Has it been too much time in-between seeing our kids and grandkids?  I need my emotional bank account filled with love and joy.  Just like seeing my oldest grandson this week after he lost his two front teeth.  Too cute and a rite of passage.  As I told him, you will always remember 1st grade because that’s when you lost those teeth.


Keep reminding yourself the importance of your core desired feeling guiding your life.  


Stay in tune to how life is trying to help you be aligned with what is right for you.


Your core feelings are key.