How Are You Using Shame Against Yourself?


How you see the world is how you experience the world. If you believe life is for you, then you can see how everything that happens to you is FOR YOU.


But if you believe the world is out to get you, you will see a completely different view of what is happening. You will be on the defense.


Right now, in my life, I have shifted my perspective. I do believe life is for me. I do think everything is helping me evolve to become more loving, kinder, and more at peace. I certainly wasn’t here for years. I blamed everything outside myself and didn’t know or understand how life was “cleaning” me up.


Shame is powerful and can be destructive. It can hold you hostage or be a wake-up to help you make a different choice.


How can you see shame as an opportunity to find some forgiveness for yourself? How can you see your humanity instead of perfection?


Shame can make you feel wrong. Like something is wrong with you. Like you are bad or unworthy.


What if instead, you could see shame is trying to get your attention? For you to see the fears popping up? Not against you but for you.


For instance, for a long while, I made it wrong that I would take naps. Why? What in my belief system is saying it is bad or wrong to take a nap? Once I saw that I could change those beliefs, I’m free from that


And, what if instead by taking a nap when my body was tired, I was listening to what I need at that point in time. Which is how I believe is a more peaceful and loving way to live life. By what I need, not any other’s opinions or standards.


The power of your inner wisdom is unlimited because you are living with what is right for you. Not choices made because of external circumstances or voices from outside influences.


What if you could take your shame and see how it is helping you? Like for me, when I choose less healthy food options for myself.


How could that be helpful for me to become more conscious? For me to decide if I want to be consistent with what I want. Not about making me feel bad but realizing there is a choice.


What is your inner wisdom saying to you?


As Mooji says, “Learning takes place in the head. Understanding takes place inside the heart as direct experience.”


Where are you shaming Yourself?


Where are your biggest shames residing? What area do you hear that voice shouting to
you how things should be?


Notice where you are feeling victim or powerlessness. That is often where shame is speaking loudly. “I should be spending more time with my kids.” “Why aren’t you cooking healthy meals more?”


The truth is you would have made a better choice if you could have in that moment.
But based on your thoughts, beliefs and choices at that point in time, you made that decision. That’s why the saying “Hind sight is 20/20.” You have more information now, you are different, and there is some wisdom gained.


Dare to investigate what you are thinking and why that shame is still guiding your life.
What mental shifts do you need to make to honor and value who you are, no matter the circumstances?


Love how good it feels when you let go of the shame, the guilt or pressure. There is great freedom when you realize those feelings are all your making. You made situations mean something based on your past and your expectations of how you or things should be. And, when it doesn’t happen that way, you can shame yourself thinking you should have.


Become aware of how shame is effecting your life and limiting how you see the world.


Let go of shame holding you hostage or feeling bad about who you are.


There is great freedom when you do. Remember, freedom is an internal choice.


You have the freedom to decide how shame in used in your life. Is it for you or against you?