How Are You Using Summer To Reflect Upon Your Life?


Can you believe another school year is upon us? For much of my life the school calendar was my life. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since I was in the educational world. But this year, 4 of our 6 grandkids began preschool and kindergarten. It’s been so touching to watch our kids go to their parent meetings and be thrilled about the opportunities they are giving their children. As well as watch the grandkids be excited, and a little scared, about their new adventures.


With another quarter, and another season ending, how have they supported you to live your best life or your dreams?


Did you do the things that are important to you?


Did you learn and grow in response to the life around you?


Did you choose to live a limited life in the midst of unlimited possibilities?


Did you get out on the edge and enjoy something new?


We did. Bo sold his business and had wanted to buy a motorhome for us to go out and explore USA and mountain biking trails. Talk about being out of our comfort zones – generators, propane, black and grey lines.



What did you love about your summer? 



We went on a cruise for the first time in a few years.



How have you grown?


What are you ready to let go of now that summer is nearly over?


People wonder why nothing makes them happy. It is because a gloomy nature will reproduce itself in gloomy experiences. What you are sees the world according to its own nature, reproduces itself. You meet the world with what you are.


What needs to be gone?


There are two sides to surrender- on one side surrender to all things that no longer serve you or your highest purpose. Surrender to complaining, judging and to lack of forgiveness. Because that keeps you trapped in the past affecting your physical and mental health.


Negativity holds a bigger space in your mind and body than positivity.


It isn’t always easy, but who said it’s supposed to be easy? “There is an enormous value in discipline – the least of which is an inner knowing that, rather than having some addiction running you, you are the master of your fate” as John Rogers states.


As Emmet Fox says, “The story of your life is really the story of the relations between yourself and God.”


Creating the perfect home requires you know what you want, that you have a solid foundation with God or Your Higher Being. And, the biggest bang for your buck is being grateful and appreciative. It elevates what can be for you.


Are you living the best life has to offer you?



What is your guiding principle to ensure whatever goes on your calendar is something that allows you to say, “Joy to my world?”


Are the things you add to your calendar each day supporting you to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled? Just like our trips to Tahoe. My son and his family are there, we love how Tahoe makes us feel and we love what we can experience there. It is a priority for our calendars.



Are there thoughts and feelings that need to be addressed and let go? Like for me I watch what I think, what and who fills my world, and what I eat because I know it improves my life.


How are you using summer to ensure you are living your best life? Ensuring your life gets more fabulous every day?


You create your reality. Use the seasons and the yearly calendar as tools to help you plan and live up to the life you want.