How Are You With Being Uncomfortable?

As you embrace the realities of life, you know many events come up in your life that are hard and uncomfortable.

Are you allowing fear to be your guide? Or do you trust everything will work out, and life is FOR you?

A key to living a more peaceful, loving life is knowing how you handle these trying situations. First, you must notice your patterns and the ways you react or respond to situations that arise in life.

A basic need in life is uncertainty. If life is too certain, you can become stale and rigid. Uncertainty provides you with opportunities to learn and see the bigger picture. Even when you are resistant. You are put in situations you have to deal with and find some solutions that you wouldn’t have if that circumstance hadn’t happened.

For so many of us, we want life to stay the same. We have the same habits and routines we have had for decades. But your life has changed. You aren’t the same person you were in your twenties or fifties.

Update your life. Use new strategies and ways to help you live with ease and flow.

How can you be good at being uncomfortable? I have a friend that was going on a new adventure. She was feeling insecure and uncertain. This is way out of character for her as she is usually the pack’s leader, confident and feeling high. I was so proud of her. She listened to her feelings and asked for support to help her work through the situation.

How can you seek support when feeling uneasy or out of sorts?

Decide to choose a different state of being. Notice if you are staying in a state of anxiety. Are you at the edge, about the fall off the cliff?

Work to bring yourself to a calmer place so that you are in a better state of mind when life throws things at you.

See the world with new lens, new perspectives, and new beliefs.

Life is uncertain.

Handle these uncomfortable situations in more loving and calm ways.

Use new thoughts like “What would it take to be easy on myself, easy and loving?” “What creates the most harmonizing for my health?”

There’s much conversation these days about how Gen Z’s are driving Boomers crazy with their ways. As I hear these conversations, I usually remind others to consider when our generation rebelled against long hair and drugs. Think back to how our parents responded. Same as for us today.

Stop and notice why you are uncomfortable with these changes.

Do you think your way is the only way?

Do you feel like you are losing your importance?

Do you trust others to believe they have good intentions?

Find out what is causing you to feel uncomfortable. Push through even when you don’t know where you are going. Honor what is there.

Yes, new situations can cause some uneasiness. But,

Is it temporary?

Is it keeping you from stepping out to something new?

Over the next week, notice how you handle uncomfortable situations you are facing. A car breaks down, you fall down, or your air conditioner goes out.

Be willing to stop and notice what is happening for you, outside and inside.

Do you feel you have to make a decision immediately?

Do you feel the burden that it’s all on your shoulders, or can you ask for help?

Do you remember there is a Higher Power there for you?

Life offers many uncomfortable situations.

Sometimes you struggle with what to do. Let that be okay. Know life is all over the place.

The more you know how you respond, the more empowered you can feel about whatever life throws at you.

When you are clear about how you want to be, like peaceful or kind, that vision can propel you to make better choices in uncomfortable times. You can remind yourself, “I can choose peace instead of this.”

The more you understand how you handle life, the more you feel powerful and relaxed about what is before you. The more you trust and believe in yourself, the more capable you feel of handling the situations you are handed.

As you move through life, be your best friend. Be kind and forgiving of how you handle the peaks and valleys of living through the different stages of life.

Life can be trying. Know that all aspects of life are calling you to be your greatest and Highest being. Some are easier than others. Life is polishing your edges. Life is lifting you higher.

Know uncomfortable is part of life.