How Are Your Expectations Hindering Your Happiness?


Do you expect people to behave a certain way, and get upset if that doesn’t happen?


Do you expect situations to be a certain way, and if things aren’t like you planned, you become angry?


Expectations are when you expect others to respond a certain way or situations to be different than they are.


You have given away your power when you believe you can control things outside of yourself.


What if instead, you shift and let whatever happens be God talking to you.  Let it be that God has a bigger plan for you.


Let it be that you are experiencing a greater level of understanding life.


Focus on how life is trying to get your attention. 


Instead of thinking you know best. 


It’s about letting go of how you think things should be and accept the possibilities of what is before you.  In Hanoi, there are approximately 11 million people and 3 million motor scooters.  That is the major mode of transportation.  There are NO rules of the road except go with the flow.  On our ride from the airport, we wondered why our driver was all over the lines in the road.  The protocol is choose a path.  Go with it and dont hesitate.  Even if over the lines and going against the traffic.  People are coming at you from all directions.  You must focus on where you are and where you are going.



It is amazing how it all works even though you feel like it is quite chaotic.


How could you shift your thinking when you discover something is not like what you thought or professed?


First thing is to stop and notice. 

Oh, yeah, I’m upset because what I want is not happening. 

Oh, yeah, what am I really upset about?  Is it not being heard, seen or valued?

Oh, yeah, I wonder what is trying to emerge for me.


As  Anthony de Mello says, “There’s only one reason why you’re not experiencing bliss at this present moment, and it’s because you’re thinking or focusing on what you don’t have…But, right now you have everything you need to be in bliss.”


Change your expectations for appreciation and see your life soar.


As Abraham-Hicks says, “Everything in its perfect time.  Everything is unfolding.  And, I’m enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I’m going.  Content where I am and eager for more.”


Instead of controlling and expecting things be a certain way, say:

I surrender.  Surrender to the greater possibilities.

I am receptive.  Trust and believe life is for you.

I allow.  Knowing that life is perfectly orchestrated.  Knowing that your Highest and Greatest good will be done.


Saying and thinking things like, “I am grateful where I am, yet, I am ready for more” can shift your focus to being content and happy rather than frustrated people aren’t doing what you expect them to do.


Life is not about controlling others and having them do what you want.  It’s about learning to know and control yourself. 


Expectations can help you define who you are and what you want.  The problem arises when you are trying to direct others to fulfill what you need. 


Change expectations for intentions.  Intentions are what YOU plan on doing, not what you are putting on others. 


Focus on what you want.  And, what you can do something about.


The joy and happiness come when you trust and believe the Universe knows and has your best interest in mind. Even when it’s not what you were thinking.


Life is for you.