How Can Autumn Remind You It’s Time For You To Let Go?


I love using the seasons as reminders to live your best life.


Nature’s cycles mirror our lives.


Fall is a time for letting go. It shows us the impermanence of everything. Spring brought new life. Now it’s the season to end that cycle. You notice leaves changing, the weather is becoming crisper, and animals are storing food and getting ready to hibernate. It’s the winding down part of life.

By reconnecting with the seasons, you honor life’s rhythms. Embrace the differences.


What needs to change in your life that fall can help remind you that a new season of life is here?


It’s so easy to fall into habits and patterns that no longer serve you. For instance, I always thought I could outrun or exercise whatever I ate.


There are a few fallacies with that thinking and I’m ready to let them go. First, I don’t run anymore. Next, getting older changed how things work for my body. And, finally, I learned that the food has 80% of the impact on your health and exercise is about 20%.


I was resisting nature’s way of helping me live my best life.


So, I’m using this fall as a reminder for me to let go of my old belief and learn more about being healthy for my body for this day and time. Not for my 40-year-old body.


As you notice the leaves outside your window, change and fall off the branches, begin letting go of thoughts, beliefs or items that are no longer serving your highest and greatest good.


Fall is about endings. Are you hanging on to things that no longer serve a purpose for you?


Ask yourself, “What do you need to let go of?” What in your life has outlived its usefulness and it’s time to shed it?”


What wisdom is there for you?


Or, is this a time for you to harvest what you planted earlier in the year? Did you set some goals of living more peacefully and you can feel how your life has shifted?


Use this time of year to be in harmony with nature’s cycles so that life flows more openly and more naturally.