How Can Fall Benefit You?

A good way to keep your life evolving is to use the natural rhythms of life.

Fall is upon us. How can this time of year help renew you?

The weather cools down and allows you to be in nature more.

The weather cools down and allows you to be in nature more.

Trees and plants are changing colors, and leaves are falling. How can you shed and bring new colors to your life?

Does football season allow you to connect more with others? Do you feel more camaraderie? Do you have a sense of belonging? Loneliness is an epidemic. Can you reach out to others?

People often like the routine that fall brings. School is back in session. For years, the school calendar ruled my life. Nowadays, life is more about what we can plan. Fall can be better in the RV because it’s not so hot during the day to affect our outdoor plans.

Fall symbolizes abundance and harvest. How can you stop and savor ALL the abundance in your life, whether that’s friendships, health, or wealth?

Why is fall magical for you? Use it to enlighten your life. Use the crunch of the leaves to awaken you to listen more and feel more.

Fall brings shedding. What in your life needs to shed? Think about how you can lighten your load whether physically around your house, whether mental thoughts that can be weighing you down, or whether it is emotional things you are carrying from your past that no longer serve you.

Let this fall remind you there is a season or reason for everything. You weren’t meant to hold on to things. That’s why they can be called burdens.

Fall is to remind you about change. Let that change be wonderful. It’s freeing and light. Like the leaves, things can fall away without hurt or trauma. Leave the stories off. Enjoy the process of letting go.

Autumn can be the season of peace. How can that benefit you where you are right now?

Just think of the word peace and see how you can integrate in your life this fall.

I read that a survey showed people were happier in the fall. Is this true for you? Allow you to cherish this time, then. Allow it to open you in new ways. Ride that happiness.

I love the fall but also resist how I am losing light. I love the long days and nights of light. I’m an early morning person, so I love getting up and getting outside early to do my walks. I’m not as comfortable walking in the dark, so my schedule feels disrupted.

Notice where in your life you might be resisting. How, instead, can you focus more on how fall is benefiting you?

Embrace this time of year.

Think of all the ways it can benefit you, wake you up, and create more peace and relaxation in your life.