How Can Life Be More Peaceful By Listening To Your Inner Wisdom?


Being in integrity and in alignment with what is true for you is the easiest way to feel peace and joy. When you have peace in your mind and heart, you feel content.


The trouble is that is not the way society is built. You are taught early on how to act and how to be to fit in society, whether that is through your family, your church or your schooling.


Therefore, setting you up for lots of discord.


You begin comparing yourself.


You think you are not good enough based on everything around you externally.


You worry what others will say.


Do you want others to tell you that you did a good job or can you know that is just what you do?


Society pushes you to want more. Therefore, never satisfied. Look at all the marketing. They feed on your emotions. There are so many choices whether that’s toothpaste, cars or shoes.


It’s easy to let the pressures of life take charge. It is most common.


Matt Haig shares one example in Notes on a Nervous Planet that explains how easy it is to understand why there is so much anxiety from all the external stimulation. Just think during the sixteenth-century, the British Library estimated there were only 40 books published in that time period. In 2016 alone, there were 134,021,533 published. Think of the pressure that can create. If you think in order to be accepted you have to know “everything,” how could you be okay knowing there is no way you can keep up? You don’t. You feel awful.   If you wanted to publish a book, you would feel discouraged that nobody would read it, there are too many others.


Can you imagine what that is doing for your nervous system if you are only using external measures to judge yourself? You can’t keep up. You feel bad about yourself.


There is another way.


That is why it is SO important to find yourself. Know what you value and what’s important to you and live by that.


It’s never about the outside world.


Open your heart to your truth. Have the courage to stand by your convictions.


Happiness is being okay with who you are and what you have. Knowing you can have more if you choose.


Who are you trusting?


Are you listening more to external messages or to your internal cues?


Rarely have you been encouraged to listen to your intuition, your guidance system or your inner wisdom. Most often listening to what you know is true happens after you have been discouraged and disillusioned by the structures outside yourself where they have failed you.


Then you are open to another way. You are willing to try anything because your life is in disarray, chaotic or upsetting.


Over 66% of people over 70 say they are optimistic about life. Why is that? Is that because they realize that little of the external factors matter in life? They already tried it and know that seeking anything outside will never give the peace and joy you think you are seeking.


Or, could it be that by this age, you know more of what matters to you and you aren’t willing to sacrifice how you feel?


In our new world of RVing, it has been fun to see the obsession retired people have. They love having their own schedule, seeing new places and feeling the freedom their RV has given them. They aren’t comparing their RV to yours. They aren’t worrying what you say about their choices. They have listened to what they love to do and are living it out.



Freedom is what you want. Freedom to decide what is RIGHT for you.


That happens by listening to your inner wisdom.


What will it take to set yourself free from worrying about what others have or will say, and instead listen to what’s true for you? Listening to your heart, your gut.


Make your Declaration of Independence.


Decide today that you will listen more to your inner voice than to all the noise outside you.


Begin by noticing what is causing you stress or upset. Give yourself a break from that person or those situations. Like if you worry about what that friend might say about your child’s choices, find reasons not to spend much time with them. Find new people who are more accepting and loving. You will feel more at peace and enjoy life more.


If you compare yourself based on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram posts, limit the time you spend on them. Or, release the meaning you are giving to what you see. Instead of comparing yourself, how could you see them as possibilities for yourself? I love it when I see all the places people have been. It reminds me of how exciting life can be and all there is to explore. I don’t feel jealous or envious.


Fill your world with what you love.


Write out 50 things that bring a smile to your face.   Do at least one of those things each week, if not more.


Post pictures of the people who matter to you all around you.


Schedule time engaged in activities that bring you joy.


Before you know it, your world will be full of things that matter to you. You will be listening to your inner wisdom. You will feel fulfilled and in love with life.


Trust you know best for your life. And, remember others know best for theirs.