How Can Love Guide Your Every Decision Today?


What is love for you?  


What would feel like the most loving things for you to do today?


Is that choosing love in all your thoughts, words, and actions?


Can you begin by loving yourself more?  Loving those in your family more? And, your neighbors?


Is that being kinder, more compassionate, or more empathic with others?


Is it noticing the love languages and applying those to the people closest to you?


Notice all the choices you have to have a more loving day.


As Vernon Howard states, “It is what you see internally that changes your life.”  


It’s becoming more aware of what matters to you with love in little and big ways.  


It’s knowing your core values and feelings and adding more of those each day.  


Noticing little ways to make shifts to living your life in alignment or in integrity to what is true and real for you.  It is why you are unique.  It is why you have your needs and desires.  To be expressed uniquely as you.


My face mask says “teach only LOVE for that is what you are.”  I love that.  I love the reminder for me and others who might notice.  


Think of the vision you see and feel when you think of your world from the perspective of love.  It’s open, connecting, and caring.  


Think of how others can HEAR what you are saying when they know you are coming from love instead of judgment or condemnation.  Now, feel what it’s like when you live comparing yourself, thinking you aren’t good enough.  You are in a race to be better, get more so you can fit in.  You are closed, resistant.


Think about how you can be more in love.  


Does that mean a simple shift in your perspective on how you organize your day?  


Does that mean how you interact with all you encounter today? 


What does guiding your decisions from love mean to you?


Is it looking for what’s right instead of what is wrong?  


Just think about how our conversations around the globe could change if we all were looking for ways to help and support each other rather than divide us because of our differences.



Remember you receive more of what you focus on.  


Take a moment to think of all the joys and pleasures of life.  


Nature is a wonderful teacher.  There is beauty everywhere.  We went to Table Rock Lake in Branson this last week in our Motorhome. Cardinals everywhere.  We had never seen so many.  We watched a squirrel make her nest high above us as we sat by our fire.  The curiosity we then had about squirrels and nest building flooded our conversation.  The outdoor air.  The exploration to find biking trails. Bo fishing.  The people all around in different rigs just laughing and finding ways to enjoy life.  


Encouraging.  Intriguing. Our lives were fulfilled with love in many ways.


There is much to love about life.  But it must be your focus.  


As you plan your today, how can you add love to it?  Is that more gratitude, appreciation or caring?  


Make today matter for you.  Not mechanical living by habit.  Not by being busy.


Your life will change when you lead from love.


It’s a decision.  It’s a focus.  It’s an awareness of how you want to live.


Choose love and see what happens!