How Can “Loving What Is” Help You Live More Peacefully?


I hope you are better at “loving what is” than I am.  


This is a blog about teaching the lessons I need to learn – over and over…


I have been quite stubborn about when I don’t like a situation or idea.  When something upsets me, I try to figure out a way to fix it.  I think I personally am responsible to make things better.  


And, part of that is good but part of it keeps things worse.  


Resistance to what is, keeps adding more of the problem to your life or collectively.  Like the “War on Drugs.”  You get what you focus on.  I know in schools our programs focused on all the dont’s.  Rather than teaching more on what we want – healthy choices, healthy family, teaching more decision making, etc.  Focusing on  the possibilities that people wouldn’t drift into drugs.  


You aren’t denying the problem.  You just are not focused on that.  


As Einstein says, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  


You aren’t ignoring what you don’t like.  You must go to a higher level to find the solution. 


Contrast is a great mirror to something better for you.  It is the resistance and making it wrong that gets you and others going in the direction they don’t want. And keeps you upset, angry and hurting.


It is as the Course of Miracles talks about a shift in your perception.  Looking at the situation through the eyes of love rather than the fear.  Looking at solutions rather than the problem.  Putting yourself in the vibration of what you want rather than so much of your energy on what you don’t like. 


Think about something you struggle with – weight, alcohol, or relationships.  Notice where you focus most of your energy.  I know for someone who has struggled with my weight, 90% of my focus is on what I don’t like.  Thus, why it continues to be a problem.  Instead, if I can acknowledge I don’t like where I am and then keep my focus on the solutions – healthy eating, acknowledging all the healthy choices I am making and exercising, then my body could change.  But, I quit because it’s hard to be with loving what is.  


Instead, if I trusted I know what I need to do.  I know the Universe is perfect to help me be my highest and greatest.  I know I must I still have some things to learn.


Then, it takes me out of resistance and ready to acknowledge what is.  Not that I like it but I don’t want more of that in my life.  I want flow and receptivity of better feeling places.


Recently, I have had a number of delays in my house remodel beginning when it was started to finishing it.  Add to that my furniture that I ordered back in the middle of December was to be delivered in the middle of February.  All of a sudden many delays, April, May on some, and July on my desk.  Talk about frustrated and upset.


I have been ignoring what the Universe is showing me.  I haven’t stepped back to see my part in this.


I’ve been ranting about it, how bad it is and how wrong.  Instead of feeling that and moving on.  Acknowledging what is.  I can’t change those circumstances.  The furniture is delayed.  


It is my response to the situation that creates the future of what happens in my life.


All of a sudden I really got, I’m fighting with what is.  The what is – my furniture is delayed.  I don’t have to like it but when I can move out of the energy of resistance to allowing what is, things can move forward.  When I rant and keep telling those stories, I stay frustrated and upset.  


I have a choice.  


You do too.


Acceptance is acknowledging something happened.  Then, finding a better feeling place.  It’s a key to freedom.


Where in your life are you fighting or resisting what is?  


Resistance is fighting upstream.


What stories are you repeating that are keeping you stuck or where you don’t want to be?


How can shifting your thinking and energy to allowing what is change the direction of your life?  


How can you finally release the frustration, the hold and allow more peace than arguing with what is?