How Can The Easter Resurrection Help You ReAwaken To A Purpose or Dream You’ve Had?

Easter has just passed, and the Resurrection of Christ is on many people’s minds.

This idea of Resurrection can help propel you to some rebirth in your life.

Something you might have given up on.

Something someone told you couldn’t be.

Something you desired to do and the timing needed to improve.

What is your statement of allegiance to your Self?

Mooji says, “We believe more in our delusions than in the Truth.”

Are you willing to release judgments, resentments, and limiting beliefs so something Higher can show up for you?

Think about what it is that you would LOVE to experience. Then, be open to the possibilities, to the reality that you CAN have what’s in your heart and soul.

Know you can be whoever you choose to be this day. It’s a brand new day.

Marianne Williamson says it best. “I can choose strength instead of weakness and love instead of fear. I can choose to bless instead of blame and to lean into the future rather than dragging with me the past.”

How can this milestone invigorate you and your dream to live the most extraordinary life you desire?

If you want to spread more peace and kindness, find ways to begin that. Of course, it starts with you. Reflect upon all the ways you are that, that you share peace and kindness. Ask for guidance on how you can best be that light. You will be guided. If what you hear feels light, go for it. If it feels heavy, your ego may want recognition or paybacks. Find ways to release the need for that. What’s that pattern there for? How’s it guiding you to something Higher?

As for me, my purpose is to awaken people to a vibrant, healthy, and abundant life. It’s so in me. But, sometimes, I can be arrogant about why it’s not happening for others. So I have to step back and realize that I’m not in charge of how others find their way; I’m just to show some ways they can choose.

For instance, we just took an RV trip to Washington, DC. Bo had never been there. When we went to the Jefferson Monument, these words were inscribed on the wall. These words brought up lots of feelings for me. First, the rage of the Supreme Court saying they are to live by the words in the 1600s or whatever. It brought the joy of the importance to keep growing and becoming. It showed me how to speak up for our beliefs, which shines a light on others. Not that they have to follow your way, but be committed to who you are and what’s TRUE for you.


Then tears came to my eyes when I saw how much the destruction of the Capitol was.

How YES, I must continue my work to be a beacon of light and hope for others living in darkness.

How can this word, this idea of Resurrection, reconnect you to the passion and power of who you are meant to be come forth and rise up inside of you?

How can you be the light?