How Can Walking Your Talk Take Away Any Pompous Attitude You Have?



Life is messy. Experience and life will challenge your rigid beliefs.


As Dwight Eisenhower said, “The qualities of a great man are “vision, integrity, courage, understanding, the power of articulation, and profundity of character.”


I have been frustrated with how righteous people are towards others. Yet in their own homes or families, they are living what they proclaim is so wrong.


Like being against immigrants or others from outside countries coming here, yet, they are inviting one to marry in their family.


Or, being against the government helping people financially – food stamps or special assistance, yet, people in their family are utilizing the services.


I know it is hard to live what we profess. But, how about challenging each other to live the words you say? Not in trying to be right but in helping shift the hateful energy of the world today. Words can be easy to say but it’s harder to live them.


I had quite negative judgments toward divorce. But, life has a funny way of laughing at you. “Oh, you think that way. Let’s give you something to think about that is pretty personal.” Having gone through a divorce, it changed my perception and beliefs. I understood. I got it. I lived it. I am way more compassionate, kind and understanding of how hard it is. I let go of many of those negative judgments because I realized something different.


God has shown me a much more loving and kind way of life from my righteous beliefs. I know it’s hard to admit where you were. But that’s another lesson of life – forgiveness.   Forgive yourself for your transgressions. You do better when you know better.


Words are easy to say.   As Vernon Howards says, “You know, self-honesty is one of the most difficult things for human beings to accomplish within themselves, plain old self-honesty.” Living them changes the dynamics.


I believe when these righteous situations hit home, it is meant to open you up – to more love and compassion. Just like Marianne Williamson’s quote, “The world changes when we change. The world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”


What will it take to be able to see the hypocrisy and have people want to live a life of integrity and of moral character?


Everyone can work together to hold ourselves to higher standards, to decency, to love, and to kindness so that our world is in a better space.


What can you do?


Find an area of your life that you espouse things “should” be a  certain way. Challenge yourself to be open to seeing something new. 

For instance, my work this year has been on having more “Yin” in my life. My thoughts were you were to push through things, make them happen. Very “Yang” energy. Now, I’ve seen and realized how much calmer and peaceful it is when I use more of my “Yin”  energy, knowing and believing I will be supported and directed to the highest and best. Allowing life to unfold as I use intentions and visualizations of what I want. As I live in alignment. I’m walking my talk about choosing a word for the year to focus on in all aspects of my life.


Become aware of areas in your life where you are out of alignment with your word or deeds. How do you know? You feel angry, upset or vindictive. Negative.


If the words in the Bible help you, use them as reminders of your actions, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in  the name of the Lord Jesus.” Find a higher reason to live in integrity.


If you are walking your talk, you feel at peace and can sense life is more about love and kindness even though crazy things are happening.


I’m asking for your help in changing the energy of life and our planet. As Richard Carlson says,


Make living your life with absolute integrity and kindness your first priority.”