How Can You Aim To Reduce The Pressure In Your Life?


Life can be stressful. There is a lot of external noise which can make you feel helpless and overwhelmed.


What if there’s an easier way to navigate these times?


Take time to acknowledge what you are feeling. The more you break it down, it can feel manageable. Instead of saying things like “There is too much chaos, negativity, or divisiveness.” Describe the specific situation that is making you feel those things. Take control of one (1) thing at a time. That way you can feel empowered. And, before you know it, much pressure is released.


The energy of this time is about awakening and aligning with your heart and soul.


You are feeling off because the Universe is trying to get your attention in some way. Take time to go within and discover what is trying to emerge for you.


Recalibrate yourself.


Let go of negativity and negative people. Let go of things that pull you down and away from the direction you want your life to go. Too much pressure and work.


As Abraham-Hicks shares, “You’re always on your way somewhere. The key is: find a way to be happy wherever you now are on your way to where you really want to be. (We’re speaking of the state of being you want.) It does not matter where you are; where you are is shifting constantly – but you must turn your attention to where you want to go. And that’s the difference between making the best of something and making the worst of something. “


If you feel the pressure you are out of alignment with what is right for you. Your body might be saying, “Slow down” and you ignore it. It’s time to listen to that still voice and follow it. It will keep you calm and more peaceful.


The Universe is speeding up things. Forcing lots of uncertainties and unpleasant ways to capture your attention. Many things are changing.


Lots of shadow stuff is being shown to be brought to the light. That requires honesty, vulnerability, and time to go within. Life is mirroring what you need to see. Don’t run from it. It only becomes bigger if you do. Address what you are feeling.


Being more of who you were created to be makes your world brighter and also, makes the collective lighter and brighter.  


What’s weighing you down?  What needs to be addressed and examined?


Let go of the pressure cooker inside of you and live a more peaceful, loving life. 

When you are clear about what’s right for you and clear away the obstacles and cobwebs, life will shine more brightly for you.  You will be lighter.


Take time to remove the pressures in your life by going inward and finding out what you can do something about.  Find the specific burdens you are feeling and work to release that pain from your life.


Life is meant to be joyful.