How Can You Allow The Cycles of Life To Lead You?


Spring is in the air.


Springtime brings growth, opportunities and more light.


It spurs new thinking and possibilities for me. My heart feels freer, ready to soar.


I love using the changing seasons to enhance my life such as wearing brighter colored clothes. It brightens up life.


Spring can change your spirit and attitude.

Spring can remind you it is time to clean out the old and plant new.


Whether that is letting go of limiting thoughts that no longer serve you, like staying within the lines.  

Or, letting go of things that no longer bring you joy and contentment.


Let them go. Replace the old.


It’s time to let go and emerge into that butterfly.


Add new thoughts. Such as fun. Is it time to add fun into each and every day of your life? It’s lighter. You’re more alive and attractive to be around.


Whenever you bring in something, even if it’s potting soil, let go of seven (7) things you’ve held on to for over a year. It allows space for something new to flourish.


Life is always giving clues on how to live a greater life.


Just like Easter season and the resurrection.


Easter can be a reminder of awakening to something higher and new.

Easter prayers can bring you renewed hope and faith.


How can you take any crucifixion in your life, and allow this season to bring new life or a new direction to it? It can help you make the breakthrough from whatever pain and hurt you may be experiencing.


Nature’s cycles can be reminders to live bigger, be more alive and have fun with changing things up.


Like seeing the full moon come out from the clouds. So bright and big. Reminds me to think how I might be hiding my greatness, staying covered and safe, rather than sharing my gifts and brightness.  


Use every sunrise to give you the opportunity to begin again.

To be grateful for another day.

To forgive yourself for any transgressions so you can be free to start anew.


Allow the seasons and life’s cycle to prosper you, fill you with joy and meaning.

Use them to provide more purpose and freshness to your life.


May this springtime bring renewed hope and lightness to you and your life.