How Can You Be Healthier By Adding Some Fun?

Did you know having fun makes for a healthier life?

Feel how freeing it is to think about fun and playing.

Feel how your body relaxes when you have fun. Your joy rises. Your worries fade.

Are you saying you don’t have time to have fun?

Or is having fun only for children?

Stress is one of the major causes of illnesses today. This is because your body and its systems are constricted and blocked.

As John Rogers, DSS, says, “When we die emotionally, we shut off the energy flow. When energy shuts off, disease appears, and it corrupts, then it decays, and death is a byproduct of that.”

Don’t let that happen to you.

Open up to more joy and fun in your life.

No matter how much, 1% more.

I’ve told you before I had to make a goal to have fun because I thought I couldn’t. I was stressed and pushed to my limits, as I thought. But I knew if it were a goal, I’d do it.

When you allow fun in your life, you let that guard down, and your body can open more. This is because you are living more in your parasympathetic, relaxed mode.

How can having fun benefit your health? Where are you stressed or overwhelmed?

What is fun to you?

Is it bouncing in a playhouse?

Is it laughing or giggling?

Is it telling stories about yourself from the past?

On my river trip with Backroads last month, one of my girlfriends said what she wanted for the trip was to laugh and have lots of fun. How great is that! And guess what. We had LOTS of that. We laughed so much.

Have you had your daily dose of fun?

Can you invite and permit yourself to have more fun in your life?

I know being with our grandkids is always uplifting and pure fun. Our grandkids come up with the funniest things; they make up games and create adventures for them and us.

Go someplace where there are kids. It can lift your spirits.

Research suggests that children laugh up to 300 times a day and adults about 17.5.

How can you begin today having more fun?

Decide to do something that will bring a smile to your face and body.

Make a list of 5 things you will do in the next 2 weeks that will be fun. Like we will try surfing lessons with our grandkids in Costa Rica. Can you imagine how funny that will look?

It doesn’t have to be big.

Our weather has been much warmer than usual, and watching all the flowers we still have on our plants has been fun. And watching others post the same experiences on Facebook has been joyful. So it’s been more colorful lately. Fun just noticing.

This is your life. The decisions you make today create your tomorrow.
So how can adding fun to your life make you healthier?

Let down some of your worries. Relax your shoulders – 5 times.

Lay down some of your responsibilities.

And go play.

You are worth it.