How Can You Be In Freedom From Suffering?

Focusing on what you desire can be a life of freedom and peace.

When you decide that your commitment to what you desire is more important than your suffering, your life will change in the direction of more joy and freedom. For instance, your life changes when you choose light over darkness or peace over chaos.

Freedom from suffering requires devotion and commitment.

In this Easter time of resurrection, it’s time to remind yourself how you want your life to be.

Will it be easy and happen tomorrow? No. It takes time, focus, and dedication to what you desire.

Are you ready to commit? Be devoted to being free?

One of the biggest shifts in your life will be when you decide to focus more on what’s true from the INSIDE of you than reacting to what happens on the outside. For instance, I know I want freedom from suffering. Then, I can’t live with regrets or grudges from my past. I must find ways to come to peace with whatever is upsetting me or with whatever has stronghold on me about those events.

How can you free yourself from suffering?

What needs forgiveness in your life? With yourself and others?

Are you more focused on wrong-doing or on how you want to live?

How DO you want to live?

Are you committed to living in peace and joy or staying in old habits and stories of victimhood?

You don’t have to know. You only have to be clear as to what you really, really desire.
Is it easy? No.

Is it simple? No.

Being clear is sometimes tricky. You often know what you don’t want. Like, if you have an illness and don’t like that. You know you don’t want to be sick. But how that unfolds is your story, your definition. Are you focused on not being sick or wellness?

How can you be free from suffering from this illness situation? You must declare and commit to how that can be in your life. You must clearly see yourself well and live free from disease. If you are a diabetic, you must commit to the following things that help bring you to wellness. Like exercise, eating less sugar and other foods that contribute to this disease. In your mind, you must know it is possible to be well. Then, take little steps to make that happen. Day after day, week after week, months, years and so on. And, before you know it, you are living more from freedom, in this case, being well.

What are the tools you need to keep you focused or refocused?

For me, A Course of Miracles has 365 daily lessons that remind me of the life I desire to live. I love the daily reminders, which continuously refocus me.

Do you want to be in freedom from suffering?

The journey is:

Ask and expect an answer as to how that path unfolds.

Ask to be shown the light, the way.

Ask for guidance.

Life is full of challenges. These challenges can call you to be your Highest and Greatest Self, or you can stay in the problems, the obstacles.

It’s sad to say that most want to stay at the pity party. In the victim of the situation. In their story, they identify with that situation. And complain about how unfair life is to you.

If you believe, like I do, that life is calling you to the light, calling you to live to the more perfect you—not perfect, but perfectly YOU!

Then, you know life is for you. Asking you to surrender from this suffering.

A great example is my amazing husband. He recently tore his meniscus and had surgery. He does not want to be contained or limited. He lives from freedom. He is not letting this injury sideline him too much. He is going slow, to go fast. Hard. He clearly sees himself back on his bike, back doing everything he wants. He is clear on what he desires. He wants to be healthy. The physical therapy people are amazed at how well he is doing.

Your mindset matters.

No matter the fork in the road you are facing, know you can have the outcome you want rather than suffer.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “What you think and what you get is alway a perfect vibrational match, so it can be very helpful to make a conscious correlation between what you are thinking and what is manifesting in your life experiences.”

Notice where you are suffering. Notice your thoughts about that.

Just like the saying goes – pain is inevitable, and suffering is an option.

Choose freedom. Design your path there. Dedicate time and energy to that endeavor.

Know freedom is possible.

Take time each day dedicated to your commitment to free yourself from the binds that hold you back. Ask for guidance. Let it go, give it over to your Higher Power.

Decide you want to be in freedom from whatever sufferings you are facing in your life.

Go for it. Live a freer life.