How Can You Be The One Person To Bring Peace To Our Country?


Change in a country begins with one person.


Our country is in deep trouble. Our country is reflecting great upheaval.


This pain is a message for you and me to see new possibilities and help heal the world. Let’s decide this is the tipping point. I know I’ve had enough.


One person has the ability to bring massive change by living with peace and love inside of themselves.


Your mission should you choose to accept it is to bring peace to your life, your home, your city, and our country.


How do you do that?


It begins with harmony within yourself.


As Jana Stanfield says, “I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do.”


I believe we all have the sacred responsibility to uplift the consciousness of humanity.


I’m writing this because I am in rage over the hatred and violence I am seeing and feeling.


People are hurting. For too long, Where are our compassion and concern?


Why have we let our darkness be fueled at this level? We haven’t listened and honored all parts of ourselves and others.


People want to be heard and seen and be valued.


Yes, we all have a dark side and sometimes that anger can help motivate or create some change in you. But, it has to be tempered and directed in a proper way, toward a purpose that benefits all.


When you are in resistance and thinking life should be different, you are war with yourself. Yes, you can want things different but you can’t stay in a rage that it “shouldn’t be that way.” Because you are adding to the turmoil.


What you want to do is notice the trigger in yourself, and choose to be for something. Not against because you attract more of that.


What is bubbling up inside of you? What is robbing you of your peace and goodwill?


What can you do?


People can advocate, join marches but first and foremost the majority of work is within your own inner healing. Take care of yourself.


Start a 10-Day Miracle Challenge to be kind, loving and peaceful. For 10 consecutive days, visualize what you want and set intentions of what that will look like for you. Enroll others to participate with you.


Find more joy in your daily life.  Know what that is for you.


Pray for acceptance and honoring our diversity.


Hold the vision for love and peace in our country and across the world.



Be the bridge to peace and calm. Be the one person who is changing the energy in these challenging times.