How Can You Bring Simplicity to Your Life?


Life is about finding the balance.  Imagine that.


The balance between busyness and lazy. 

The balance of activity or being sedentary. 

The balance between rigid and flexible. 

The balance between chaos and settled.


When you live simply, you open to more of the magic of life.  You are open to receive the joy and pure pleasures of life.  You have time to notice them. 


Like sitting out on the back porch watching the birds, turtles or the sunset, 



Life is constantly bombarding you with information 24/7 these days with all the technologies. 


Shut off the TV.  It is good for your mind and soul.  The constant negative dialogues and showcasing are unhealthy for you and your nerves. 


A conscious life has you deciding what feels good to you.  You begin noticing.  You notice what is happening in your body as well as all around you.  You begin to notice that it doesn’t feel good to race around or to have thoughts racing in your head endlessly. Not being able to slow down, sit still or sleep.  My daughter and I were having a conversation about these.  She sent me a clip of a statement that mimics this. I totally understood because that’s me.


From Mummy Cusses,  “ I needed to do the laundry, but then I realized I was out of detergent, so I went to write a shopping list and realized how unorganized the junk drawer was, and started checking pens for ink.  When I went to toss all the junk, I saw that the trash was full but before I took it out, I wanted to get rid of old food in the fridge…” 


Bo teases me about how distracted I get.


The calm mind lends for clearer decisions. You feel more empowered and at peace.   


It’s important to plan for solitude and quiet times on a regular basis.  In quiet you hear God, you can be more in tune with your intuition and knowing what your emotional guidance system is telling you.


It’s important to a healthy body to slow down, to nourish it with relaxation and rest.  That goes for the healthy mind, too. 


Healthy living means to listen to your body and soul.  Value what they are telling you so that you may live a happy and prosperous life. 


What needs some balance in your life? 


Where do you need more simplicity?


Are you racing about work to activities?  Do you need some downtime?


Is your mind telling you all you SHOULD be doing or judging why you aren’t?


Find more joy by slowing down.  Notice what that could be.  Is it just shutting off the radio in the car as you are moving from place to place?   Is it changing your mindset to be in the present moment and knowing you can trust yourself to handle what comes next? 


Notice how you are feeling.  Acknowledge whatever you are feeling.  Thank it.  Stop and take a few breaths.  Make yourself even if you feel like you don’t have the time.  Then decide what would feel better.  Calm, relax or joyful.


Change the language you use.    What words do you hear that relax you and allow you to slow down?


Clear out clutter.  Is that in a drawer or in your mind?  Don’t let possessions cloud your mind and vision of what’s around you.  Use Feng Shui to help you clear out what is cluttering your space.  Remove 29 items today or tomorrow.  You will feel space and breath deeper.


Find where you feel the most chaotic.  Bring mindfulness to your life.  I was listening to some of my Eating Psychology material.  Rebecca Katz was talking about waking up your “Yum” factor, to wake up your tastebuds so you can see how joyful your eating experience can be.  She calls it becoming your “inner cook.”  Listening to what is right for your body. 


What speaks to you?


How can you create simplicity in your life?  Is it quiet times, slowing down or finding serenity for you?