How Can You Celebrate Life To Lift You Up?


How do you celebrate in your life?


Honor life all day and every day to see the blessings all around.


We all need the joy that celebrations provide. Life can be trying at times. So having rituals of jubilation allow you to bring some light and laughter to your days.


Observing the big things like graduations, weddings and grandkids are natural ways to celebrate.


But what about blessing you and all you do to live a prosperous and happy life? To reinforce the good you want in your life?


Maybe you hadn’t thought about adding celebrations to the everyday things and situations in your life.


Growing up my mother loved celebrating our birthdays. We always had our favorite meal, plus her homemade cake we liked and having our time together. Because of that, I like acknowledging birthdays.


Facebook lets you connect with people on their birthdays. It’s nice to hear from people you haven’t heard from in a while as well as those you see around. If you honor the love languages, just think how good this acknowledgment is for those whose main language is an affirmation.


We just returned from Tahoe. Michael’s birthday was this weekend. He wanted to ski with his wife and friends while we watched his son.



Heavenly is still opened because of all their snow this year. Talk about ecstatic! Allowing him to do what he wanted and having time with our Declan. Easy to celebrate.


Celebrating is a tool that is helpful to build up your spirits and acknowledge the good things in life.


Take time to praise things that go well. Like on our trip. We were coming back as all the weather warnings of tornados. Schools were closed.   Scary situation. But, when we were able to board the plane, we were smiling big and thanking everyone. Like thanking God for the extraordinary favor, celebrating how good life is. We made it home safely.


Toast to the top 5 things that brought you joy or laughter today.


As a partner, celebrate times you enjoy each other. Publicize the things you appreciate about each other.


As a parent, jump for joy when you bite your tongue when your child rolls their eyes at you or when you kept your cool rather than lashing out. Acknowledge all the ways you are being a great parent. Celebrate you when you see your children happy and enjoying life.


Too often it is easy to be critical of the imperfections of life and the decisions you make.


Stop that!


It’s important to notice and put energy behind those things which “work” no matter how small. “Yeah, the kids ate their meals without any fighting.” Hooray, the bed was made.” “The dishes were put in the dishwasher.”


I didn’t always do this. In fact, it’s probably why I tend to focus on it so much. I took life for granted and complained when life didn’t go my way, or the way I expected it too.


I know first hand, you get more of what you focus on. Celebrating life makes life easier and more meaningful.


I certainly realize how blessed I am rather than focusing on what’s missing or going wrong.


Make celebrations a way of life.


Design your happy dance.

Find ways to acknowledge yourself and others in a fun, celebratory way.

Give high fives.

Make a joy jar.


Let loose. Put more feelings of elation around you.


Make every day a celebration in some way.