How Can You Create Your Heaven On Earth?

Your decisions create your day and your life.

Did you know and realize you can create your heaven on earth?

First, you define what heaven on earth is for you.

Can you imagine envisioning the life you truly desire to live? Peaceful, joyful, and loving.

Well, that is what life is meant to be. Free to create and live that life.

Your focus directs your life. It is really important to become aware of what your focus is. More heaven, feeling heavenly? Where are YOU focusing?

Too often, most people wander through life, not even realizing what they focus on. They live by a schedule, chores, or whatever happens.

As Mooji shares, “When a man pursues experience, he becomes the body. When he pursues knowledge, he becomes the mind. When he pursues God, he becomes the Heart. When he pursues Truth, he becomes Nothing.”

What you believe in is how your life is created.

Your faith guides your path.

If you know and believe you ARE resourced by your Higher Good and all the goodness around, you can lighten up and find your desires more easily. Life is more like a flow. There is little resistance or density.

A Higher Power guides you if you listen and follow what you hear and know. You will notice how things flow and heaven’s gates open. But you must remove the obstacles you’ve built, otherwise often known as hell or hard times in life. Those are important content for you to understand in building heaven on earth. Often to soften you, open you to greater possibilities you wouldn’t otherwise see,

I know one of my big growths was moving from thinking everything I wanted was in the material world. I only knew that dimension. I didn’t understand being. I knew getting, fixing, and trying hard.

Life is more heavenly every day as I move towards being – being the kindest, lightest, and most loving person I can. And, yes, that does involve my being in the material world, the physical world. But it’s who I am as I move through this world. It’s what kind of instrument I am as I am orchestrating this world I live in. I’m looking for heaven. I’m clearing the pathways that hold me down, feel uncomfortable or curt.

I am open to hearing, receiving and sharing what I’ve been given.

I have notes that remind me of where I want to go:

“Today I am devoted to looking for and following the light of the Holy Spirit.”

“Turn only to love and God as my source of life in every instance.”


“I allow my Higher Self to lead the way.”

Feel how these comments lead you closer to heaven or a heavenly feeling.

What do you have surrounding you to help you focus on living a more heavenly life?

As you look back over your past, you can probably recognize how you were guided to great decisions and didn’t listen and went off track.

The off-track areas are often some of the greatest ways to truly know what your heaven on earth is for you. They offer you the contrast of what doesn’t feel good to you.
When there is enough pain, you are more open to options of what else might be available. It helps you define your heaven. It helps you decide it’s time to try something else, a new way or another possibility.

How can you truly know you are made of the substance of God? You are that. How can you live more like that? Feel that? Pure Divine.

Do you really know your own Divinity? Can you honor and appreciate moments you do realize that?

John-Rogers, DSS says it so eloquently, “As you manifest greater Light and love in this world, you become that child of God in more complete ways. You begin to tune into that Spirit within, that Light, and use it to uplift and bring joy to yourself and others. You tune into the love inside you, the love God has for you, and you use that to bring love to everyone you meet.”

There are so many ways you can live in heaven on earth when you intend it to guide your life. When you decide that is more how you want to feel and live.

What do you need today to help you live more like heaven on earth?