How Can You Lighten Up To Enjoy Life More?

What will light you up so you can enjoy life more?

How can you give your “DOER” a break and be more of what you want?

Your perception is your reality. Not others. So if you are feeling tense, overwhelmed or upset about life. Take a break and find examples of others around you that seem to be more relaxed about life. Able to take things with ease and serenity. I think about one of my neighbors who has 4 young children. She always seems cool and calm as they go about in a thousand ways. Bo and I both have nieces like that. But both of us had 2 children and can’t imagine what it’s like to coordinate all that. A great example for me to chill.

What do you love to do? Be wild. Go to the edge. Unleash the power within.

  • Is it being with friends? Do more of that, especially when you think you don’t have time. It changes your vibration.
  • Is it quiet time by yourself? Mark that on your calendar. You are worth it. You are filling your emotional bank account. You have more to give when you have something to give, just like gas in the tank.
  • Is it dancing, painting, traveling, or gardening? Go for it.

Feel the energy of just thinking about doing what you love. Imagine doing it.

Feel how you lighten up and feel life is easier.

Instead of dwelling on circumstances, you can choose to lighten up. Take one day at a time and set your intention to do what lights you up.

As Deepak Chopra says, “Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.”

What is that for you? Where do you need to lighten up?

Ask for guidance. You will be amazed at the ideas that can come.

How can you be in more harmony with your body and mind? Watch how the tension changes.

  • Is it that with you’re eating?
  • Is that being more nurturing to yourself?

How can you raise your vibration on the emotional scale? The higher vibrations are lighter and open you to more possibilities. The lower ones on the scale are dense and hard to move through. As a result, life will feel heavy and hard.

Every moment provides you an opportunity to lighten up. It’s better for your health, your attitude, and daily living.​

How can you raise your vibration on the emotional scale?

Look at these colors. For me, I love, love bright colors. They pick me up. Therefore you will probably see me wearing bright things and having bright stuff around my house.

Add more feminine energy of flow and ease rather than using your masculine energy to make sure you get things done. Feel the ease and lightness when you tap into your feminine heart center.

Another way to lighten your load is with gratitude.

  • Dance while you sing out 100 things you have to be grateful for.
  • Say gratitude prayers as you go to sleep and before you step out of bed.

I have a Skylight Photo Frame where pictures appear continuously. The memories are breathtaking. I stay in gratitude for all I have been blessed with.

Life is meant to be fun.

Lighten your life so you can feel the joy of living.