How Can You Look Upon This Overwhelming Time As An Opportunity to Reprioritize, Discard and Begin Anew?


This pandemic is testing nerves, boundaries and beliefs.  


Were you already on the brink of overload and full of anxiety? 


Is stress causing you to overreact?  


Don’t let it keep you down.  See this as a time you are being called to look within and go deeper into your desires and how you want to live your life.


What if instead as John-Roger, DSS, says, “What if you started your day with an attitude of,  “How can I use everything today for my learning, upliftment, and growth?”


Remember, attitude is 90% of life.  What happens to you is 10%.


When you are down on yourself, it is easy to keep piling on negativity and “should haves.”


If you were stressed out and now this pause put you over the cliff,  the calling is to find a way to more peace and joy in your life.  


Bo found these 12 brand new babies in our pool and they couldn’t get out.  



Just like us looking for a new way forward.


Life is like a GPS.  If you are not where you want to go, you reroute and find another way.  Don’t make it anymore than that.  Feel the frustration, the pain and the uncertainty, but get back on a route that feeds your soul.


Maybe you have dreams that you put on hold thinking it wasn’t possible because you had to “do” life.  Let them guide you to what feels good to you.  Let God figure out the “how to.”  Just be excited about the possibilities and feel how good it is to be doing what you desire.  And, take the next step towards your dream.  Is that exploring all the options for an e-bike? A trip? A new job?  


Let go of the need to be so busy.  Check out what you are making busy mean for you.  Is it that you are more worthy if your calendar is flowing over?  Notice who you are trying to impress.  Are you needing to be seen?


Maybe you need a simpler life.  This time has truly shown simple is possible.  For you, is that fewer commitments, more down time to reflect or more time to simply play?  


What would make you feel content and fulfilled?


I saw a parable where the wise father reminded the frightened lad that all he needed to do was to go as far as the light took him.  Take heed of that wisdom.  Look at what’s before you, not weeks or months out trying to control the circumstances and everyone else.  


How can you use this time to unpack your life that was overwhelming to create a life you love?


Keep life simpler and go more with the flow.  


Everything doesn’t need to be scheduled.  


Life is calling you to be kinder to your ups and downs.  Life is uncertain.  Covid-19 has shown you CAN handle whatever comes up.  Honor yourself.  Trust yourself. Realize you have the wisdom and know how to walk through uncertainty.  


Life will feel easier.


Yes, there will be shaky times and a lot of different emotions, but you can do this. 


Life is meant to be joyful and fun.


It’s a time to purge, and begin again.  Take advantage of this pause.